Berlin-Potsdam UE Innovation Hub

Coming Soon: UE Innovation Hub

We are thrilled to announce that we are opening our first UE Innovation Hub – just 25 minutes away from Berlin‘s city centre!

The courses that will be offered at the UE Innovation Hub have been created to combine the latest tools and technologies with creative design solutions. The aim is to provide our students with a unique skillset that will give them an advantage in the international, competitive job market.

Applications will be open for the winter semester 2021.

Business & Digital Engineering

BSc in Digital Media & MarketingBSc in Digital Business and Data Science *BSc in Software Engineering *MSc in Data Science *MSc in Software Engineering *MBA in Technology/Innovation

Art & Design

BA in UX/UI Design *BA in Digital Product Management *MA in Creative Computing *MA in Innovation Design ManagementMA in Visual & Experience Design

* [Accreditation in preparation]

Official address:UE Innovation Hub@Think CampusKonrad-Zuse-Ring 1114469 Potsdam

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