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GUS Research Conference

Digital Transformation and Innovation

The aim of this conference series is twofold: an opportunity to share knowledge and experience on digital innovation and transformation, as well as to enhance GUS as a research community. We aim to connect expertise and established researchers across GUS institutes. Through the efficient utilization of our research resources and partnerships across GUS institutions, we aim for success with global impact. 

More than 70 delegates across 15 GUS institutions from five countries attended the 1st conference online and in-person in September 28th/29th already. The conference featured 15 presentations from delegates representing UCW, UE, The University of Law and the London School of Business and Finance.

The GUS community had the opportunity to explore synergies and global impact by sharing expertise from established researchers across the GUS network. Professor Dr. Iris Lorscheid, Vice-President of Research at UE, and Dr. Maureen Mancuso, Vice-President Academic at UCW, co-chaired the planning committee for the conference. 

More info will follow soon.

Next digital conference days will be on the last Fridays in October and November.

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