UE european experience study programmes

UE launches European Experience study programmes

Join our unique European Experience Programme – explore Europe and get your German degree now!

Get to know the European culture in Paris – one of Europe’s most beautiful cities –  and finish your degree in Germany, one of the world’s strongest economies.

This year, all students will have the opportunity to experience studying abroad as part of our international mission here at the University of Europe.

For more information visit out European Experience hub page.

How to take part in the European Experience:

Apply now for your European Experience!

  • Apply for one of the three Bachelors at UE for the European Experience programme
  • UE will confirm your successful application for the European Experience programme.
  • Our Admissions team will help you with your visa application process for France.
  • Start your study in Paris at UE at the campus of our partner University PPA Business School.
  • After your time abroad, your studies will continue at UE in Germany.
  • Get your degree in Germany and start into your future job with an 18 months work visa.

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