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Our two graduates have been part of the Blurring the Lines 2022 Edition

Congratulation to Jeremy Wilson and Charmaine de Heij

This year’s theme ‘The Meaning in the Making’ aims to potentially distinguish “meaning in a photograph” from “meaning through photographing.” Blurring the Lines received 174 high-quality projects from 44 participating schools worldwide. The curators selected 3 winners, 30 finalists, and 13 special mentions for the seventh edition.

Congratulations to  Jeremy Wilson (Finalist) and  Charmaine de Heij (Special mention). This is a wonderful success. 

“In my experience, it is rather the idea of cooperation than a principle of competition that distinguishes Blurring the Lines as an extraordinary format. After graduating in photography in 2020, I found this intensive dialogue with graduates worldwide enriching, inspiring, and empowering. Today, as a jury member for Blurring the Lines, I am grateful for the excellent opportunity to continue to meet many committed people who often courageously and sensitively visualize their critical view of social, ecological, and political social grievances.” Ragna Arndt-Marić, Photographer, Jury member, and Winner of the 2020 edition. She graduated two years ago and studied Photography at Campus Hamburg.

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