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Why shouldn’t you forge documents for a German study visa?

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Germany is home to several higher educational institutions which offer academic experiences that increase your demand in the global job market. The practice-oriented curriculum in German universities has attracted thousands of international students to the country in pursuit of quality education. For studying in Germany, international students must obtain a student visa which allows them to stay in the country during their studies.

However, in recent times, reports of students forging documents to make the visa process easier, have surfaced in the news. Forging documents for any purpose is illegal and unethical and may lead to severe consequences. You will lose your chance to receive a world-class education in Germany if you are caught in a document forgery case.

Wondering what the consequences are of forging documents for a German student visa and how you can do it the legitimate way?

How important is obtaining a visa for studying in Germany?

A student visa is an official document that allows international students to study in foreign countries. If you like to study in Germany, the next step after obtaining admission is to apply for a German student visa.

A German student visa allows you to stay in the country during your studies and gives you access to several facilities. Having a student visa ensures you legal protection to stay in the country without any issues. To get a student visa, you must submit all the necessary documents prescribed by the authorities at the German embassy office in your country. It usually takes 25 days to three months to get the student visa approved.

You can apply for a visa depending on the type of your study programme in Germany. A German student visa is for students who have been accepted for long-term programmes in universities and a German student applicant visa is for anyone who is interested in studying in Germany but has not yet decided where to try to enrol. You can also apply for a German language course visa if you intend to stay in the country for three to twelve months to study a language course.

What are the consequences of forging documents for a student visa?

In an attempt to obtain a student visa quickly, students are likely to forge documents such as educational certificates, proof of financial resources, and language proficiency certificates. You must understand that presenting false documents to any authorities is unethical and illegal and will damage your reputation forever.

If the authorities suspect you have forged documentation, they will initiate a criminal investigation against you. According to German law, if any individual is convicted of document forgery or the falsification of any genuine document, they will be subject to serious punishments as prescribed by the criminal code. The penalty for forging documents includes a fine or imprisonment for six months to ten years.

Once your name is recorded in the criminal documents, it will be difficult for you to obtain any other visa which will seriously harm your future prospects. You will struggle to find a job, travel to other countries, or even get a loan.

A student visa is only the first step in your German education journey. If you have presented forged documents in your visa application, you will face many difficulties in the later part of your student life. From finding housing to accessing health insurance benefits, you are likely to come across hurdles everywhere. Besides, cheating on a public system indicates your dishonesty and lack of integrity.

What are the alternatives to forging documents for a German study visa?

Choosing illegal methods to obtain a student visa is not worth the risk. If you are facing issues submitting all the documents, you can consult someone experienced in handling these problems such as a lawyer or consulting agency. They can help you prepare all the documents through legitimate means. Many universities in Germany also have active assistance services to help with the visa application process.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has also made it mandatory for students to submit an APS certificate to ensure that all the documents are genuine. APS assesses your documents and provides an authenticity certificate if everything is legitimate and original. So, it is always wise to submit authentic documents for the visa application process as the chances of getting caught for forgery are high.

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