What are the job prospects with a BA in Illustration?

What are the job prospects with a BA in Illustration?

What can you do with a BA Illustration Degree?

Most graduates with a degree in illustration go on to explore their career as artists, but today, the opportunities that illustrators have in the job market are endless. Illustration jobs are not only highly creative jobs but are also extremely financially rewarding. Students can work across a range of media as well as visual communication platforms. Around 13% of graduates in illustration are employed as artists while around 12% are graphic designers with 3% working in different design jobs.

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Here are the top 7 career options for BA Illustration students:

1. Animator

An animator is responsible for creating multiple images known as frames. When these frames are sequenced together, they create the illusion of moving images, which is known as animation. These images can be entirely digital or hand-drawn by artists. Animators work in both 2D and 3D model-making, computer-generated animation and stop frames. computer-generated animation is what features in motion pictures today, and even in many aspects of TV, computer games and the internet.

2. Concept artist

Concept artists apply their imagination and artistic abilities to create images of people, models, places and moods. They work on a brief and start making sketches of these environments and characters to work out what the final product will look like. Any project which involves visual storytelling will need a concept artist who can work across several domains of visual media like comics, books, films and animation. Concept artists can work exclusively as a concept artist or take up more responsibilities in character designing and pre-production.

3. Graphic designer

Graphic designers work on a number of products – advertisement, websites, posters, online games, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions, corporate communications and a lot more. They work on a brief as agreed upon by the creative director and the client and develop new creative concepts and ideas to finish the project. This job demands a creative flair and an up-to-date knowledge of professional software required to get the work done.

4. Illustrator

Illustrators are artists who create still or digital images and drawings in order to narrate a story, communicate a message or an idea which can be applied to different avenues for the purpose of advertisement – such as magazines, books, newspapers, product packaging, clothes and product designing. Illustrators are usually provided with commercial briefs and try to inform, entertain and persuade an audience to take an intended action.

5. Multimedia programmer

Multimedia programmers are those who work with various multimedia features. For instance, graphics, text, sound, digital image, animation, video, 2D or 3D modeling – all of these features are used to create new, innovative products. Multimedia programmers usually work on the specifications provided by a designer for multimedia products listed in websites, apps, animated films or computer games.

6. Printmaker

A Printmaker designs prints themselves by using different techniques, such as intaglio (which involves engraving and etching), screen printing, lithography, printing on wood, stone, metal and other mediums. This is then transferred onto another surface with the use of a printing press. These surfaces are generally cloth, glass and paper.

7. Production designer

Production designers are the creative artists who develop the visual concept of a film, theatre production or TV series. They identify a design theme and style for the sets, props, lighting, graphics, costumes, locations and camera angles. They work closely with the producer and director for the same reason. While designers are usually experts in films, theatre or television, there is still a considerable overlap of roles. In theatre, however, production designers are also referred to as set designers or stage designers.

Searching for a good school to study BA Illustration? Check out the Illustration Bachelor of Arts programme offered by the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). UE Germany has a dedicated counselling centre for the students who are enrolled but need support, which is there to help with any queries and problems they may have.

UE also has a central career service department through which students have access to help related to finding internships, employment and career planning. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad for a year or two.

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