Turning your passion for gaming into a career in Germany

Turning your passion for gaming into a career in Germany


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You might have heard the news about All Quiet on the Western Front bagging the 2023 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. But did you know that this epic film based on a 1929 anti-war novel is of German origin?

Germany is the birthplace of several iconic movies such as The Tin Drum, Nowhere in Africa, The Lives of Others, and The White Ribbon . The country has a thriving film industry that allows filmmakers to focus on their creativity and the art of cinema rather than the commercial aspects of filmmaking. The German film culture of valuing quality content has helped carve a niche for the film industry on an international scale.

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, read on to find out about the history of filmmaking in Germany and the various opportunities available.

A brief overview of Germany’s film culture and history

Early German cinema was marked by innovation and experimentation and produced several films that have become some of the most influential classics in the world. During the world war, the German film industry received a setback and was used as a manipulative medium which resulted in its downfall.

It was after a few years that the film industry began to undergo a renaissance resulting in the formation of New German Cinema. Rainer Fassbinder, who created more than 40 feature films, became the voice of this new generation of filmmakers in German cinema.

Later, the German film industry carved a space on the international stage winning several Academy awards and is still lauded for its artistic creations and experimental movies that inspire millions from around the world.

How is the film industry growing in Germany?

From being voiceless to making it to the top of the cinematic world, the German film industry has come a long way. The German federal government has a huge role to play in the growth of the German film industry with its generous public funding and subsidies to create more opportunities.

The Culture and Media Department of the German government has a German Motion Picture Fund (GMPF) in place which aims to support the high production costs of movies and series shot in Germany. This is to strengthen the appearance of Germany as a film location on an international level and promote the digitalisation of German filmmaking.

This has contributed to the rapid rise of the German film industry and has established Germany as a location for high-end productions. Some popular TV series like Dark, Babylon Berlin, and Deutschland 86 have all benefited from the GMPF according to reports by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Opportunities in the German film industry

The German film industry offers various opportunities to both professional and budding filmmakers which makes filmmaking an exciting career prospect in the country. You can find opportunities in the production or post-production areas of filmmaking.

Some of the key areas of opportunity in the film industry are direction, writing, editing, sound design, and motion design. Germany is also home to some of the top-production houses in the world located in Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. Most of them offer internships and apprenticeships to skilled and talented candidates.

There are also world-famous film festivals like the Berlin International Film Festival and the Munich Film Festival where you can network with professionals from the industry and develop your skills and knowledge.

Germany offers a range of opportunities to those interested in building a career in the filmmaking industry. With the rise of digital streaming platforms and Germany’s drive towards digitalising filmmaking, the opportunities are overflowing now more than ever.

opportunities in the gaming industry

How to get into the filmmaking industry in Germany

Dedication and a passion for filmmaking can get you into the film industry but only if you work towards it. Getting your education from a reputed institution in any filmmaking programme is the first step to starting a creative career.

While pursuing your education, make sure that you actively participate in events like film festivals to build a network and expand your experiences. Also, try to create documentaries and short films to add extra value to your resume.

With the right skills, experience, and professional connections, you can achieve your dream of working in the film industry.

If you are passionate about filmmaking, take a look at the Bachelor’s in Film and Motion Design offered at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), Germany. In this programme, you will learn the techniques, concepts, and methods used in several aspects of filmmaking.

During this programme, you will create documentaries, logos, motion graphics, animation films, and music videos which will boost your future career. By the end of the programme, you will acquire all the essential skills and will have a versatile portfolio that displays your talent.

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