What are the highest paid careers within international business management

What are the highest paid careers within international business management?

If you are passionate about working with international clients and businesses and are keen to build a global corporate career, international business management is a well-suited career choice for you. The international business sector is expanding every day and effective management is the deciding factor in a company’s performance in the overseas market.

With remote working becoming the new normal, it has become easier for businesses of all sizes and sectors to find international clients and establish a global presence. As business management skills are vital to every industry, the scope and career prospects of international business management have continued to rise despite various challenges. So, what are some of the highest paid careers in international business management?

international business management

What is international business management?

To put it simply, international business management involves managing the operations of an organisation on a global scale. It includes several administrative, financial and managerial functions such as leading various teams, supervising their actions, preparing budgets, setting business goals, analysing performance and carrying out effective marketing.

As international business is a broad field, it encompasses components like finance, human resources, logistics and marketing. Implementing diplomatic strategies in these fields helps the business to succeed and thrive in the highly competitive international business sector.

requirements for a career in international business management

What are the requirements for a career in international business management?

Building a career in international business management requires you to fulfil certain basic criteria and qualifications such as a relevant degree in the subject, certifications and various essential skills.

Earning a degree in the field of international business management is the first step to building a career. Many top universities offer programmes that teach you the relevant skills that are in demand across the industry. These international business programmes develop your essential knowledge in disciplines such as project management, human resource management, international sales and marketing, trade and finance and marketing strategies. Additional certifications in any of these areas of study are beneficial and will be looked at favourably by employers.

Any field of work requires you to have the skills relevant to that field. To establish a successful career in international business, you must have good communication and networking skills to maintain effective relations with clients and progress business operations. You must be a good manager with reasoning, planning and organisation skills to develop strategies that help achieve business targets. Above all, you should be a good leader who can handle different team members effectively.

Highest paid careers in international business management

Highest paid careers in international business management

Careers in international business are some of the highest paid in the world. You can either work for an organisation or start your own business after a degree in the field. Whichever path you choose, it will earn you a lucrative salary once you have established yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the highest paid careers in international business.

Global marketing manager

According to Glassdoor, the estimated annual pay for a global marketing manager is €101,978. This is excluding any bonuses you may receive upon achieving monthly business targets.

As a global marketing manager, you must develop strategies that help increase the sales of an organisation. You must use your analytical skills to identify the target audience and implement plans in the marketing campaigns that appeal to the audience’s interests.

International human resource manager

International human resource manager

A human resource manager earns around €98,160 a year. As human resource is the working force behind every organisation, the demand for human resource managers is always high.

A human resource manager manages the workforce of an organisation. You must hire and train new employees and oversee the onboarding process. HR managers are the channel of communication between the employer and employees, and they ensure the adherence to laws, policies and regulations within the organisation.

Global logistics manager

The average salary of a logistics manager is €68,193 a year. As a logistics manager, your primary responsibility is managing the logistics of an organisation. This includes customer services, warehouse and transportation facilities, communication with clients, directing and coordinating order supply and material procurement.

Financial analyst

The salary for a financial analyst ranges from €66,237 to €84,763 a year. A financial analyst conducts research on macro and micro economic conditions as well as financial data and prepares reports based on the analysis performed. The income, expenditure and profit plans of an organisation are the responsibility of a financial analyst.

These are some of the career options in international business management. Besides these, you can explore various other options such as marketing consultant, sales manager and product manager.

A good master’s degree in international business management can help you learn relevant skills, which are essential for landing high-paid careers in the industry. The MSc in International Business Management programme at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences will help you acquire essential knowledge which is vital to succeeding in the field.

The career-led curriculum and practical approach to studies prepares you for job roles in international business. In addition to professional skills, this programme equips you with the necessary social skills enabling you to gain leadership roles in business.

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