UE Publishing’s first publication

UE Publishing’s first publication

Background and exhibition ‘Brokdorf bleibt’ (Brokdorf remains)

In October 2020, a student project group raised the question of how to adequately accompany such an important moment. This was a challenge that around 60 students took on over the course of a year: This was followed by intensive research on the history of the power plant, the technology and the energy transition, many interviews with employees, critics and residents of the power plant and several visits to the region and the plant itself. The search for suitable contributions was shaped by the special starting situation and the handling of the controversial background. The aim was to design visual forms of communication that do justice to the complex situation and open up new perspectives beyond reflexive self-assurances. Students from the degree programmes Photography + New Media, Film & Motion Design, Illustration, Communication Design and Game Design took part. Read more here.

UE publishing practices

The first university publishing house aims to collect, research and develop innovative forms of academic and artistic publication and communication in a publishing practice. With an inclusive attitude, UE publishing practices strives to provide a platform for academics and students to present their scholarly and artistic research to a wider audience using hybrid methods.

UE-publishing practices TeamPublishing management: Evelyn Solinski (artistic-scientific researcher, Hamburg)Technical implementation: Steffen Klaue (artistic-scientific researcher, Berlin)Administrative & creative student assistants: Timofei Metelkin and Pia RoespelExternal programming: Alumni Dennis Josek (Alumni)

Preparation by our AlumniConceptual development: Samartha Ingle, Lukas Jahns, Maria Karapiperi and Antonia Glienke

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