Rejected by universities – This is how late application works

Rejected by universities – This is how late application works

You found your dream course and the responses to your college applications are back?But unfortunately you’ve only received rejections? Then you are surely asking yourself what you can do to secure admission in a sought-after program. Your opportunity is called late application!

Rejected by your first-choice university

Have you applied for a popular discipline with a high Numerus Clauses (NC) such has medicine, psychology, or law, and you were rejected?There might have been different reasons for such. For one there are in most cases many more applicants than university places. Universities are spoiled for choice and choose the best. If your NC wasn’t so good or worse than the admissions requirements of the program, then that could have been the knockout blow.

You probably have applied to a number of universities in the hope that you would receive at least one positive reply. But if you haven’t had any positive response, you need not despair! There is still a chance.

Your opportunity – The late application process

The late application process ensures that all available places are in fact taken. It’s likely that you weren’t the only person who applied to many universities and colleges. It’s possible that an applicant is accepted by more than one university at the same time and the places are considered filled. However the successful candidate must decide on one place.This frees up sought-after places for the late application process. Pure indifference about the program or non-appearance at the beginning of the program may be further reasons.

What to keep in mind in the late application process

In order to be eligible for the late application process at most universities, you must have submitted your application before the deadline. Universities of applied sciences sometimes handle it somewhat less rigidly. You can still apply after the deadline has passed during the late application period.

The catch is that the NC for very popular programs continues to be high. This however becomes lower with every round of the process, but if you were too far away from the required average grade originally then it does not become easier to secure a place.

Here is an example:You applied for the teacher training program in Berlin. The NC is set at 2.0. Your Abitur mark is unfortunately 2.2 and you have been rejected initially. In the first round of the late application process the NC is lowered to 2.1. When there are enough late applicants, then you come out empty-handed. If there are more places left however, then the NC is reduced further to 2.2 and you have a decent chance of obtaining a place.

Great late application process at the University of Applied Sciences Europe

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