Things to explore in Berlin as a student

Things to explore in Berlin as a student

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Football, festivals, cars and food are a few of the things that come to mind when we think of Germany. Known for its rich cultural heritage and booming economy, the country is a popular destination among tourists and students.

In the heart of the country, Berlin is a vibrant city with striking contrasts of historical buildings and modern architecture. Germany’s capital is home to thousands of international students who are captivated by its cultural heritage and immense possibilities.

Berlin is one of the most renowned cities in Germany and a hotspot for young people. Boasting high standards of education and infrastructure along with lucrative career prospects, Berlin attracts many students from around the world every year.

While studying takes up most of your time, there are many interesting things to do in Berlin in your free time. The vibrant nightlife and Oktoberfest are things you do not want to miss while in Berlin. Here’s your guide on some exciting things to do in Berlin.

What are the best things to do as a student in Berlin?

Did you know that Berlin is the third most popular travel destination in Europe after London and Paris? Berlin, as a tourist destination, has something to offer everyone who visits there. The rich cultural heritage marked by numerous museums and historical sites is a feast for art lovers, while the parks provide solace to nature enthusiasts looking to escape the rush of the city. While you can spend your days peacefully strolling through the streets, cafes and tourist spots, the nightlife in Berlin presents a different vibe altogether.

An incredible 46% of Berlin is made up of greenery and water, which gives it a serene feel while exploring. So, what are some of the best places to visit in Berlin?

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  • Brandenburg Gate

Built in 1971, it is one of the iconic landmarks in the city serving as a symbol of unity and peace and signifies Germany’s reunion after the Cold War division into East and West Berlin.

  • Reichstag Building

This historical building is the seat of the lower house of the German parliament known as the Bundestag. The dome and roof terrace can be visited by the public and offers stunning views of the inside of the building.

  • East Side Gallery

Stretching 1.3 kilometres, this is the longest open-air gallery in the world. After the Berlin Wall was destroyed, artists from around the world painted murals on the remaining parts of it to signify the remarkable history of the country.

  • Museum island

Berlin is home to around 175 museums and the museum island is composed of the five famous museums in the city. Awarded UNESCO world heritage status in 1999, the museum complex is the site of the Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum and Pergamon Museum.

  • TV Tower

The TV Tower in Berlin is the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe and offers spectacular views from its rotating restaurant.

  • Hamburger Bahnhof

This is a contemporary art museum that exhibits one of the largest public collections of art in the world. The neoclassical architecture of the building is also worth a look.

Besides sightseeing tours across the city, you can find time for leisure activities such as exploring the many cafes and trying some currywurst, sausages or doughnuts. Rent a bicycle and roam around the city with friends or cycling groups to discover the beautiful landscape of Berlin. 

The beauty of Berlin nightlife

If you thought Berlin was all about museums and art, there is much more to it to enjoy. The city is a safe place and welcomes people from different cultures. You can take a stroll through the exuberant streets at night or go to a bar and dance your worries away. You can indulge in modern to classic music, hip-hop, movies, stand-up comedy, circuses and much more in the nightclubs of Berlin. A great and safe nightlife is one of the many perks of studying in Germany and attracts tourists from around the world. Not to forget the Oktoberfest that gives you a taste of the Bavarian way of life.

Apart from exploration and enjoyment, Berlin is a hub of opportunities and is highly affordable compared to other European cities. The numerous multinational corporations and start-ups in Berlin offer you chances to build and grow your career which is the most important consideration as a student. So, if you love to experience the best of both worlds on a budget, Berlin is the perfect choice for you.

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