The future scope of motion design in the international film industry

The future scope of motion design in the international film industry

What is more eye-catching and will be retained longer in your memory – static text and an image or the same but in motion? Motion pictures and text will be the more popular option most times, for obvious reasons. Motion graphics present ideas poignantly and in simple ways and are often more engaging to the audience.

In today’s digital world, content marketing strategies are dominated by videos and digital footage as they help to engage the audience and prompt them to take action. Most of these videos are motion graphics of different styles and forms. With the interest in motion graphics growing daily, the film industry is using this technique more and more, expanding the future of motion graphics in the international film industry.

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What is motion graphics?

Motion design refers to graphic designs in motion. Motion designers use animation, other visual effects, and audio techniques to create digital footage. Motion graphics are often used to set abstract elements, text, or objects into motion on screen to make it easier for the audience to understand the concept.

From WhatsApp gifs to film title cards, motion graphics are used everywhere and are becoming prominent in many other fields. The crispness of content and beautiful illustration makes motion graphics one of the most sought-after ways of producing content.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a motion designer?

Motion designers must have great graphic design skills to produce content that captivates the audience. So, the primary responsibility of a motion designer is to use their creative and artistic skills to sketch an idea or concept. A good sketch transforms into eye-catching content when set in motion.

As a motion designer, you will need to meet with clients to understand their content requirements and then use your technical skills to create powerful stories that will grip the audience and invoke a response from them.

Creating compelling content requires close coordination with other team members. You will need to collaborate with various teams for conceptualising, creating and editing the footage before the final product is released.

Future scope of motion designers in the international film industry

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), many animators, and multimedia and motion designers are employed in advertising agencies, motion picture offices, and VFX studios. The motion graphics field is expected to grow by 16% by 2030.

With 3D modelling becoming an integral part of the international film industry, along with calligraphy and other 2D arts, motion designers are essential in connecting the dots to create attractive content.

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Though creating motion graphics is an intensive and time-consuming process, industries are coming up with procedural animation techniques to cut down the difficulty and make the creation process easy. Procedural algorithms now allow motion designers to apply simple and predetermined algorithms to 3D objects. The potential of this motion design software is unlimited.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality dominating the scene in the coming decade, the possibilities of motion graphics are also expanding. As the demand for motion videos is on the rise, the big names in the international entertainment industry such as Disney, Netflix, YouTube, etc. are vigorously hunting for skilled motion graphic designers to join them.

What are the most common motion design careers?

A degree in motion graphics prepares you for various lucrative careers. Most of them are exciting job roles in the field of media and not limited to graphic design roles in software companies.

Let’s look at some of the popular jobs in the industry:

    1. Animator

As an animator, you must create multiple images which give the illusion of motion when displayed rapidly. Sketching and creating characters, putting various frames together and using backgrounds to create an atmosphere of motion are the primary responsibilities of an animator.

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    2. Art director

An art director prepares a creative strategy and presents a visual road map determining the stages and requirements of creating motion graphics. They also coordinate team members and ensure that the client requirements are met during production.

    3. Compositor

As a compositor, you have the crucial responsibility of layering the different elements and integrating objects into a scene. They also ensure that each element adheres to the guidelines and environment of the particular scene.

    4. Concept artist

Concept artists are an important part of motion production as they are the ones who visualize and compose art such as characters, environments, and other objects on the screen. They envision, sketch and create assets during every phase of production.

Besides choosing to work in a corporate organisation, you can also start freelancing as a motion graphic designer and earn good money from several clients once you establish a name for yourself with your artwork.

To land a job in the motion design and film industry, you will need a relevant degree and an excellent portfolio showcasing your skills. Check out the BA Film and Motion Design programme offered at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences to equip yourself with the essential skills required in the industry.

The university offers a practice-based curriculum which teaches you the fundamentals and techniques for starting a career in motion design. You will learn camera work, sound design, 3D modelling, digital composting, analogue stop-motion animation and much more during your studies. Create and design your work under expert guidance that can add value to your portfolio.

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