Five reasons why you should get involved

Student initiatives: Five reasons why you should get involved

Lectures, classes, exams, and projects, most students already spend a lot of time at school. But very few know that it’s possible get a lot more out of their study experience with a few extra hours a week. At schools where commitments are encouraged, student initiatives offer young talents new opportunities.

Be it the campus newspaper, student consulting, or a non-profit project, students can use these offers to gain experiences relevant to their careers, just like in their first student job.

Here you learn why it really makes sense to invest your time in student initiatives.

1. You build your own network.

Student initiatives are the perfect opportunity to settle down in your new campus as a freshman. Even if you have been around a while, you can make valuable contacts through your participation.

By joining student initiatives, you work together with fellow students from different subject areas and get to know new instructors who support your activities. A well-maintained network can result in career advantages in the future.

2. You test your knowledge.

Even though there are more and more programs that include practical projects, it is strongly recommended to students to put their learned knowledge to the test early during their studies.

Prospective journalists and media experts can create content for a magazine this way and the consultants of tomorrow can try their hand at conceptual planning and sales. Perhaps you will even discover another interest or two that you would like to pursue professionally later.

3. You learn to work in a team.

Ask employers and the ability to work in a team is one of the soft skills that they most like to see in their employees. Even though most people may be able to work in teams, this skill goes far beyond working together without conflict.

Student initiatives show you what it’s really about: Correctly assessing you and your skills in projects, finding an appropriate role and task, and making compromises once in a while. Plenty of good anecdotes for your resume or even your next job interview right there!

4. Student initiatives broaden your horizon.

By participating in a student project, you meet students from other subject areas possibly for the first time. Such an exchange can give you entirely new input.

For example you understand gradually how different departments of a business work together, what interdependence exists between sectors, and how you efficiently communicate your objectives, especially when your counterpart isn’t from the same specialization.

5. You gain faith in your skills.

Experiences count: Even the best school and university grades are no guarantees for the absolute dream job. The key is to describe your qualifications and skills from the right perspective. And for that you require one thing above all else: self-confidence.

Because they learned to be modest about their achievements in their private life, many career entrants must first adjust to a more confident mode of communication. What helps is experience above all. With active student days you will learn what you can do and you will also receive a lot of feedback. Now you can shine with it!

Student initiatives have been an integral part of the BiTS campus culture since year one. A short overview of projects by our students can be found here.

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