Starting salaries in game design

Starting salaries in game design

If you are mad about games and you’re studying Game Design, you probably want to know about your potential future earnings.Today’s article looks at starting salaries in the field of game design.

The route to your dream job

If you’re passionate about developing games, there are two ways you can pursue your dream career: you can either complete an unpaid vocational training program or  study Game Design. With a vocational training qualification, you can expect to earn a starting salary of between 2000 and 2800 euro gross per month ( With a bachelor’s degree under your belt, your starting salary will be around 3000 euros gross per month (, so studying really makes a difference.

If you are still looking for a place to study, you can find out all you need to know about our Game Design bachelor program or  apply now for next semester.

Unleash your creativity

Do you love inventing stories and characters, and want to connect this with your degree in Game Design? If so, a career as a game writer or storyteller could be perfect for you when you graduate. Create the story for the next best-selling game and generate excitement in the gaming community.As a game writer, you will typically work on a freelance basis; how much you earn will depend on your negotiating skills and your experience.There are three ways to determine your fee: a fixed rate, a word-based rate, or an hourly rate. If you find a permanent position, your starting salary will be similar to that of a game designer.

Are you more of a spatial thinker with an eye for detail? Do you enjoy creating graphic worlds? These qualities distinguish you as a game developer.You give the game its look and feel, and its true character. As a game developer, your starting salary could be as high as 50,000 euro gross per year (

Perhaps you have leadership qualities and a talent for management. If so, a position as a game producer would be ideal for you. You will be the interface between the team and the publisher, and will keep track of the game’s progress.As a newbie game producer, your starting salary will largely depend on your expertise. You can expect to earn between 2600 and 4400 euro gross per month (

Are you technically inclined and enthusiastic about developing game mechanics? As a system designer, your salary will be just 10-15% lower than that of a game producer.

Career opportunities in other sectors

With a degree in Game Design, you’ll also have access to a wide range of professions beyond the gaming industry.If you have a strong grasp of game development, coding, and programming, a career in software or system development could also be a good option for you. Your salary will depend on your programming skills and knowledge of programming languages, such as Java, PHP, or C/C++.As a fresh graduate, you could start on an annual salary of as much as 41,000 euro gross (

For junior web developers or UX designers, entry-level salaries range from 2500-3000 euros gross per month ( However, salary levels for web developers may vary according to the industry you work in and the location of your company. For example, earnings in the media sector are slightly lower than in the financial and automotive sectors.

There are a range of professions to choose from in the gaming industry to fit your preferences and knowledge, and focus on your programming, management, or content production skills. Whether you’re more creative or technical, you’re sure to find a job that’s right for you.A degree in Game Design is the ideal way to start your career. In general, there are many small companies with great prospects; whilst the pay may be lower than in larger companies, you are likely to have much more creative freedom.

Starting salaries in business management and business psychology

Are you fascinated by the world of business? If you are studying Business & Management or Business Psychology  and considering a career in management or human resources when you graduate, don’t miss our next ‘Starting salaries’ article on Friday, May 10, 2019. We’ll take a look at entry-level earnings in business management and business psychology.

If you are still looking for the perfect study program, you can find out more about our business degree programs in Business & Management, Business Psychology, or Business & Taxes  here.

Please note:  GAME, the German association for the games industry, does not currently provide salary data on specific job profiles. The information in this article is therefore based on data from online salary databases.

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