Meet Valeriya: A Bachelors of Illustration student at our Campus in Berlin

Meet Valeriya: A Bachelors of Illustration student at our Campus in Berlin

Meet Valeriya

Valeriya Ibrayeva is an 18-year-old artist from Almaty, Kazakhstan, also known as the cultural hub of the country. She is currently studying her Bachelor in Illustration at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) campus in Berlin. Valeriya has been interested in art and design since a young age, and has been honing her skills as a graphic designer before coming to Berlin to pursue her passion for illustration.

Valeriya got into art at the young age of 4, and since then she has attended various art courses and even attended art college. Throughout the years, she has refined her artistic abilities and is now working hard to accomplish her goal of becoming a professional. As an artist, she wanted to find a program that would help her combine traditional methods of art with newer digital forms. After finishing college, it was time for the next big step for Valeriya to achieve her dream.

When searching for the perfect art school, Valeriya came across the UE and found the Bachelor of Illustration course to be the “perfect” fit for her. The program offered her the perfect balance between learning new and innovative art practices and traditional art methods, while also allowing her to continue her passion for drawing while also being in Berlin. She chose Berlin not only because of its international reputation and famous art scene, but also because the courses are taught in English. With so many opportunities for artists and creatives in Berlin, it was an easy decision for her.

Valeriya loves the Berlin student life, which she finds to be one of the most rewarding experiences, especially for people in the field of creative arts. The vibrant city offers a lot of career opportunities and is famous for its diverse and welcoming environment. Thousands of students arrive in Berlin every year to experience its rich history, culture, and endless opportunities.

Valeriya started her journey at UE in the winter semester of 2022, and she already feels like it’s her home away from home. She appreciates the amount of people she has met through her classes and on-campus events, and has since formed friendships with students from around the world. UE Campus Berlin is home to students from approximately 100 countries, and it’s a place where students are encouraged to express themselves openly. Valeriya finds the campus to be incredibly international, as she gets to learn more about other cultures and different perspectives.

Valeriya’s artworks are also inspired by her own culture, traditions, and poetry, and she plans to expand her ideas with the help of the guidance she receives at UE. The UE Campus Berlin is the perfect place for her to realize all her ambitions and goals.

Valeriya is also the recipient of the “Sherryl Kintu Scholarship Scheme” for the year 2022, which will support her studies at UE and help her progress in her career as an artist. The scholarship will help her financially, allowing her to fully focus on her studies and her art. It will also provide her with opportunities to network and connect with other artists and professionals in the field.

Furthermore, studying at UE Berlin will provide Valeriya with the opportunity to learn from experienced and renowned professors in the field of illustration. The professors at UE Berlin not only have academic credentials but also have professional experience in the industry which will give Valeriya a unique and valuable learning experience. Additionally, UE Berlin has a state-of-the-art facilities and resources that will help Valeriya to develop her skills and techniques, and also to create a professional portfolio.

We will be following Valeriya’s journey with UE closely and will be updating you about some of our other amazing students. So, keep an eye out for those!

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