Job skills: what can you expect in controlling?

Job skills: what can you expect in controlling?

Would you like to land a job with your enthusiasm in the areas of business administration, finance and organization?Then you are in good hands in controlling . Here you can find out what job skills you need to bring with you as a controlling expert in a company!

Keep track of things

A thorough understanding of facts and figures is particularly important in controlling . One of your main tasks is the ongoing analysis of company-relevant information and the optimization of processes .So that you keep track and don’t sink into chaos, you should bring a careful and structured way of working with you to your workplace.

Points with knowledge from practice

Do you work as a student trainee in controlling during your studies or were you able to gain your first professional experience through internships ?Then you will be able to score points in your application process and stand out from the crowd . Many employers want to see that, in addition to completing a degree in business administration with a focus on controlling or commercial training, you have already been able to gather initial points of contact with your future area of ​​responsibility.

Are you still looking for the right university or college for you?At the University of Applied Sciences Europe we offer a regular Bachelor in Business Administration and a dual Bachelor in Business Administration. Decide which study variant you prefer and choose your preferences in the advanced study, such as controlling, marketing or accounting & finance. Plan your career path while you are still studying!

Stand out with your IT and SAP skills

Do you have a preference for IT matters and can you bring some knowledge of database analysis and SAP with you? Then you have a big advantage over your competitors!In your job as a controller, you maintain and create databases and work a lot with programs like SAP .This stands for systems, applications and processes . The SAP program is one of the leading universal tools that many companies worldwide use for their business process management to use. Accounting, controlling, sales and purchasing in particular work with it, but production, warehousing and human resources also use SAP for their processes.Other popular IT systems in controlling include R / 3 (modules FI, CO, SD), Navision and OLAP databases . Of course, you should also be very familiar with the Office products and especially with Excel , as you will process a lot of data there.

Next time: Diversity in the real estate industry

Our next job skills post is about the professional fields of the real estate industry . What different jobs are there and what skills do you need to bring with you for which area?

Find out on Friday, October 12, 2018 ! You don’t want to wait that long anymore? Then find out more about our Business Administration courses  here, with which you create a foundation for professions in the economic sector and apply directly for the next semester at the University of Applied Sciences Europe!

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