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Benefit Concert for Ukraine

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), in collaboration with local schools and other partners, organized an incredible charity concert titled “Licht ins Dunkel” (Light in the Darkness) to raise funds for Ukraine. The event took place on February 11, 2023, and was a huge success, with around 400 guests in attendance. In addition to the Mayor of Iserlohn, Michael Joithen, all participants, including students from the Burggymnasium Altena and Friedrich-Leopold-Woeste-Gymnasium in Hemer, the “1st Sauerland Pipes and Drums,” Ukrainian choirs, and UE students, were deeply impressed by the support for Ukraine. The local press was also impressed by so much commitment and featured an exclusive photo series.

The idea for a charity concert – initiated by UE professors and students

The idea for the concert came from UE, which has long been involved in humanitarian affairs. Together with other partners, we wanted to create an event that not only provides entertainment but also makes a positive contribution to society. The goal was to raise monetary and non-monetary donations for Ukraine and help people in the country who are living in difficult conditions. Many students from various local schools participated in the concert, showcasing their talent and dedication for a good cause. They sang, danced, and played instruments, captivating the audience with their incredible energy and passion. The partners were also involved, supporting the initiative with generous donations and widespread publicity. The event was a resounding success, attracting numerous visitors who were delighted by the atmosphere and sense of community that prevailed at the concert. Many donated generously, supporting the initiative with their solidarity and compassion.

Transporting donations to Vorzel, Ukraine

After the concert, the collected funds and donations were transported to Vorzel, Ukraine, in a specially organized van. Under the leadership of UE Campus Manager Graeme Guy, UE Facility Manager Udo Schindel, and other volunteers from Ukraine and UE, they loaded the van, which then drove to Vorzel near Bucha. Despite the long waiting time at the Polish-Ukrainian border and the dangerous path thereafter, Father Ionnan Tokaruk of the Ukrainian Orthodox Apostle Peter and Paul Church in Vorzel was delighted to welcome Viktor just in time for coffee and cake on Thursday. In recent months, the number of needy people in Vorzel has increased, for whom the community chamber of Father Ioann is a lifesaver. In addition to the elderly, widows, large families, and single mothers who are already on the church’s list, receiving regular aid in the village, there is now also an influx of people from the occupied territories. The donations were distributed to those in need on-site and made a valuable contribution to the lives of people in Ukraine. The charity concert by UE and its partners was an excellent example of commitment and solidarity, showing that it is possible to make a positive contribution to society through joint action and cooperation.

For more emotional impressions of the concert, please find the video here.

Special thanks goes to all “Light into Darkness” participants: Burggymnasium Altena, which also presented the accompanying “Light into Darkness” exhibition with self-designed artworks, under the direction of deputy headmistress Ms Nadja Godefroid and music teacher Ms Hedwig Kronen; the Big Band Jazamwo from Friedrich-Leopold-Woeste Gymnasium in Hemer, under the direction of music teacher Mr Jörg Segtrop; the Scottish band of Iserlohn, First Sauerland Pipes and Drums; the Iserlohn Rock & Pop Fabrik, whose leader Jan Zimmer also took care of the sound engineering throughout the evening; the Hagen Ensemble Accolade under the direction of Anna Khomenko; the vaulting group of the Reiterverein Iserlohn e. V. under the direction of Malin Gerhards; the Ukrainian choir from Dortmund and the regional and Ukrainian children who led the audience in multilingual singing, and to the organisers: Christina Muzzu, Dr. Janina Hülsebusch, Graeme Guy, Dr. Britta Ruhnau, Raffaela Pfeiffer, Lena Hermes, Anne Ganzer, Sina Lecking and Laura Lo Castro from the UE Iserlohn and the association Campus Seilersee e.V., chairman Daniel Asmuth, head of the Gesamtschule Seilersee together with the numerous supporting students and parents.

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