Mature students: the route to a bachelor’s degree for over 25s

Mature students: the route to a bachelor’s degree for over 25s

Are you fed up with your current job or unhappy with your choice of profession?Have you ever considered changing your career path? Even as a mature student, it’s well worth studying. We’ll explain why it still makes sense to take the challenge and start university when you are over 25.

It’s never too late to change direction

If you are unhappy with your job and it has more to do with your choice of career than your employer, then you should consider a change of direction. Studying is a great way to start a new career.Perhaps you think you’re ‘too old’ to start university, but it’s never too late to study. An increasing number of students aged over 25 are opting for university courses because they’re unsatisfied with their job or want a new career path.

In 2016, the number of mature students aged 50+ increased by 6% (source:  Statistisches Bundesamt), proof that it is never to late to study or to give your career a boost.

Follow your dreams

When your are over 25, retirement is still in the distant future. If your job is unfulfilling and makes you unhappy, you should consider whether you really want to carry on for many years to come. Your career should be rewarding and not just about the money.

Perhaps you’ve already thought about studying in the past, but you didn’t have the courage to take the plunge. You may have been deterred by worries about how to  manage financially during your studies.Perhaps your earlier career choices were limited, or it was your parents who were keen for you to take up your current profession.

Now you have the opportunity to transform your professional life. Don’t waste your time in an unfulfilling job,  trust in yourself and follow your professional passion by studying: your dream career awaits you.

Are you still looking for the ideal place to study and realize your dreams? The University of Applied Sciences Europe offers a range of study programs in the fields of business, media, sport, event management, and art and design. You can download information about our programs.

Life experience has its advantages 

You’ve already acquired many life skills over the years. You know the ropes in the world of work, you’re accustomed to managing your time, and your maturity shines through.In many situations, your experience will give you an advantage. For example, you’ll find it easier to divide your time between your studies, student job, and free time.Why? Because you’ve already developed a sense of time management in your professional life. Your experience of eight-hour working days will also benefit your studies: you’re used to concentrating for long periods of time, so this will help you to stay focused during lectures.

What’s more, as you pursue your dreams, you already know that life isn’t a piece of cake and that nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. Your passion will be your inspiration during your studies and you’ll soak up whatever you need to learn to get you closer to your ideal job. Your motivation to study is on an entirely different level to younger students.

Looking for a part-time or student job will also be easier for you. You already have job-hunting and interview experience, so you will know how best to present yourself. Your age and maturity can also play a positive role for your employer.

The decision to leave your job and take a completely new path is not an easy one. Why not pluck up the courage to pursue your dreams and study as a mature student?

Are you still unsure about whether to take on the challenge and go to university? Regina, a graduate of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, was faced with exactly this dilemma. At the age of 30, she decided to quit her job and give her dreams a chance by studying. 

Working as a freelancer: being your own boss

If working 9 to 5 in a permanent job is not your style , then you may be thinking of starting your own company or agency.If so, our new blog series is perfect for you. Our forthcoming series of articles  will explore what’s involved in freelance work, and consider the ups and downs of being self-employed.

Does the idea of being an entrepreneur or a freelance artist inspire you? In our next article on Friday, June 28, 2019, we’ll look at how to find out whether a freelance career is the right choice for you.

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