7 tips to become a great motion designer

7 tips to become a great motion designer

Motion design is the same as graphic design, but has movement. Such movement is created with the help of tools and software by creatives like motion graphic designers. Intrigued about motion designing and wondering how to be a motion graphic designer? Learn more about the exciting field and how you can start a career in motion design. 

What does a motion designer do? 

Motion designers, also known as motion graphic designers, create graphics and visuals for the digital world, as well as for film and television. Motion graphics include commercials, trailers, title sequences, movie clips and much more. Motion designers use tools and elements that add motion to the graphics like animation, cinematic techniques and visual effects that are not usually performed by regular graphic designers.

Tips to become a great motion designer 

1. Expertise in traditional art 

A motion graphic designer should be comfortable with and have enough knowledge about traditional art to make the learning process more interesting and dynamic. It will also allow you to communicate with your designs and help you understand how to bring motion design into the picture. Start with sketches, they’re usually completed a lot faster. It’s better to find out which of your designs are working best for you and then choose to go ahead with the type of motions you want to adjust on the monitor. Having good knowledge of traditional art and sketching is only going to make the process easier as an artist. 

2. In-depth knowledge of animation

A motion graphics designer should be able to put life into 2D elements through the help of movement. For that, animation in motion graphics is the only way. The process is very long and you have to possess a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of motion graphic design in order to make your own designs stand out with their individuality. You need to be updated with the in-demand industry skills and keep up with the dynamic industry. 

As a motion graphics designer, you’ll have to have the sense of where to ease out and what to exaggerate, while also keeping a closer eye on the timing. If an element is not well animated, the whole design can fall flat no matter how good it looks on paper.

3. Advanced knowledge of 3D design skills 

3D elements have started making their way into motion graphics design and designers are becoming more adventurous with its use. You may find a 3D logo in a commercial, online or on TV, this industry changes and adapts very fast with newer and additional elements, and as a motion graphic designer you need to keep up to speed with that. So, if you are yet to try learning 3D, you should start today!

4. Keep the users focused through right timing 

Today, it is easy to get distracted and you have to keep your audience hooked on your content. You can do that through proper timing of your motion graphics. You will have to get rid of several immovable elements in your content to make it look professional. Be careful and adjust the pace of the animation as per the given standards and always remember, if your content is too fast or too slow, your audience will not get the message you’re trying to convey. Keep practicing until your motion designing picks up the right tempo and pace of the graphics. 

5. Practice the art of emotional storytelling

All visual creatives are communicating with their audience, they are trying to tell a story. Whether it is the draft or design of an app or product, the best way to engage an audience is to tell a story. Successful brands always value the emotions of their users and customers whether it’s hope, satisfaction, gratitude or peace, so try to bring in elements of emotions and relatability.

6. Be unique with your creativity and imagination

You will have to start looking at your creations from a graphical angle and start noticing the multiple angles through which you can tell your story and animate. In most cases, clients come to designers with a vague idea rather than a solid view of what they envision. Some may just give you a brief about a product and ask you to create an ad for them that sells. You’ll be able to do it all much easier if you keep yourself constantly updated and seek inspiration from different places to maintain your creative edge.

7. Keep up with the trends 

Motion design is not just new, but a notoriously fast field which has seen everything from liquid motion and 3D macros to particle effects. Here are few tips that you can do to stay updated: 

  • Follow different artists and their projects to seek inspiration on Pinterest, Behance, Vimeo, Dribble, YouTube etc.
  • Follow the social media platforms of the industry’s leading motion design companies like Autodesk, Adobe, Foundry etc.  

Searching for an excellent program to learn all the right skills? Check out the BA film and motion design course offered by the renowned UE Germany (University of Europe for Applied Sciences). This program will teach you fundamental concepts about time-based design or media. Starting from camera work to analog stop-motion animation to 3D modeling, students will be given a range of creative skills and concepts to learn, helping them transition into skilled professionals once they join the industry.

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