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The most important proof of quality for a university and its programmes are state recognition and accreditation.
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The criteria for granting accreditation to study programmes are fixed and objective. This helps anyone interested in studying at a (German) university to classify the quality of teaching and education of a certain institution. 


State Recognition

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is state-accredited in the federal state of Brandenburg. All study programmes of UE are state-approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture. Thus, the degrees are formally equivalent to the degrees of a state university.

Institutional Accreditation

In 2014, UE was re-accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) without conditions for a period of ten years. The Science Council, as the highest science policy advisory body to the German federal government and the governments of the German states, once again confirmed the high quality of the offering after the first accreditation in 2008.
akkreditierungsrat akkreditiert programm

System accreditation by the Accreditation Council

The FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) has reviewed the university's internal quality management system according to the standards of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the country in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz) and the German Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat) and accredited UE with a decision dated February 26, 2021. Thus, UE was certified to be able to guarantee the high quality of the study programs on its own - its internal system of accreditation of study programs thus fully meets these requirements.
The team of experts praised the university's quality management system: "The University of Europe for Applied Sciences has established a comprehensive and convincing quality management system and has demonstrated its effectiveness ... demonstrated." The evaluation team also emphasized that the quality management system is based on a strong dialogical approach and that the direct connection to the rectorate ensures a high visibility and a high value of the quality culture within the university.
akkreditierungsrat akkreditiert programm

Internal programme accreditation by the Quality Advisory Board

The UE Quality Advisory Board, which is responsible for formulating a recommendation for the accreditation of study programmes for the Rectorate within the framework of internal quality management, represents the different member groups of the university. The Quality Advisory Board appreciates the assessment of a team of experts, which consists of external and internal experts.
This team consists of at least three external experts from academia and business as well as one external student and internal staff members from the Rectorate's staff unit who are in charge of the internal programme accreditation procedures. The team examines the structure and content of each study programme on the basis of legally regulated criteria as well as the university's own criteria. 
After the internal programme accreditation, the accreditation documents are forwarded to the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture in Brandenburg.  After the documents have been checked, the Ministry extends the state approval for the accredited programme. Afterwards, the programme's accreditation report is deposited with the Accreditation Council. Our accredited programmes can be viewed on the Homepages of the Accreditation Council.

Programme Accreditation

At state-accredited universities like the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), each new programme of study has to be reviewed and accredited by a special agency that checks content and quality according to the Lisbon Convention. All the programmes offered by our university are accredited by Germany’s Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA). You can read ZEvA’s comments on the individual programmes on the agency’s website.
FIBAA Accredited Programme

Accredited by FIBAA

The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) is a European, internationally oriented agency for quality assurance and quality development in academic education. In addition to the examination in accordance with the guidelines of the Accreditation Council, it also awards its own quality seal. Particular emphasis is placed on internationality, business relevance and professional qualification.
All study programmes of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences have been successfully accredited and re-accredited in the first procedure and thus additionally have the FIBAA quality seal for programmes.

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