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UE Library is the main provider of knowledge resources for students and faculty at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. Following an e-preferred strategy, we provide access to electronic resources such as e-books and e-journals through a diverse range of databases.


UE Library offers its e-books via the portal Ebook Central (EBC). All metadata are in our catalogue, the actual access however takes place via EBC. In order to access EBC, you will need a separate registration using your institutional e-mail address. Should you not be able to be on campus, UE Library will create an account for you.


UE Catalogue Ebook Central (EBC)

STATISTA (login-free campus access)


STATISTA (remote access, login with OnlineCampus credentials required)
Comprehensive database offering access to statistics on a broad range of subjects.


SPRINGER eJOURNALS (Access via the library page in the UE's OnlineCampus)
Full-text access to the current issues of approx. 2,800 Springer journals (please find a continuously updated list of all journals here)


PSYJOURNALS (Access via the library page in the UE's OnlineCampus)
Full-text access to the entire e-journals portfolio by publisher Hogrefe.


WILEY eJOURNALS (login-free campus access)


WILEY eJOURNALS (remote access, login with OnlineCampus credentials required)
Full-text access to the current issues of approx  1,700 Wiley journals (please find a continuously updated list of all journals here)


WISO (login-free campus access)


WISO (remote access, login with OnlineCampus credentials required)
Full-text economics database with a focus on applied economics.
(Please note: WISO is only available with a German-language interface. Also, the large majority of documents in WISO is in German.)


One of the most important search engines for academic online publications; offers reference information on some 120 million documents and direct access to more than 50% of them.


Search engine merging the collection of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin with a host of databases (JSTOR among others); offers reference information on hundreds of millions of items.

Art & Design


Multi-institutional search portal for the design disciplines with a focus on German-speaking countries.


Multi-institutional search portal for the communication and media disciplines with a focus on German-speaking countries.


Multi-institutional search portal for art and design with a strong international focus.

Business, Sports & Psychology


Comprehensive research portal with a focus on economics and adjacent disciplines; partial full-text access.


Comprehensive research portal focusing on psychology; partial full-text access.


Research portal for sports science and management; partial full-text access.

The UE Libraries are open to all interested members of the public. They are circulating libraries for UE students, staff, and faculty. Aside from a handful of reference books, all items can be taken out. The regular loan period is set at two weeks. Renewals can be effected via our catalogue's user account or via e-mail to the campus library in question. For our policy regarding late returns, see the bottom of this page.
A detailed description of the rules governing the use of UE Library is offered by the library regulations.


Working environment
In all our campus libraries, workplaces are available, as well as sofas to lounge in. Internet connection is guaranteed via WLAN.


Copyright & media usage 
Alongside conventional print media, UE Library also offers access to digital collections. Like all other publications, these too are subject of the existing copyright laws. Given the particular nature of digital resources, UE Library wants to stress the fact that we are only offering our services provided that patrons observe both existing licence agreements and the German copyright legislation in effect – especially where copying, public performances and making available to the public are concerned.

In cases of uncertainty regarding permissible media usage, please feel free to contact UE Library and discuss matters with us.


Overdue fees
UE Library charges overdue fees when items are returned after their due date. The first reminder is send out via e-mail the day after the date due. It is followed by a second (8 days after), third (15 days after) and fourth (22 days after) reminder.

While the first reminder is free of charge, subsequent reminders carry an increasing fee of 1.50 € / 3.00 € / 6.00 € per item. After the fourth reminder, the library user account will be blocked and all borrowing privileges will be suspended until the items in question have been returned.

Service hours


The Library at Berlin Campus is opened daily as a workspace for students.  











10 am – 3 pm

11 am – 4 pm

11 am – 2 pm


10 am – 3 pm


1 pm – 3 pm


Irregular Service Hours*


10 am – 3 pm


11 am – 2 pm



8.30 am – 1.30 pm

1.30 pm – 3.30 pm


* The library is open during the hours posted at the notice board.