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The list will show you all relevant departments our students are hosting per campus. Feel free to contact and join them.

Over the semester, students of all campus have created a self-governing network of departments that anyone can get involved with. The aim is to make campus life more exciting and to build a community of students who are committed to the wellbeing of all. Interests can be deepened and lived out in the departments and improvements and joint projects can be implemented. Everything the departments do is in the interests of the students.

For the students, this not only provides them with practical experience and new insights, but also the opportunity to get to know people across different courses and semesters. In this way, UE is strengthening campus community.

The AStA (B), CampusNetwork (HH) and Studienrat (ISL) connecting all departments to this network; it seeks to brings different departments together with the student representatives and the university management. The work and communication of the departments is to be improved and ideas are still being effectively initiated and converted. Cooperation between these departments and the university are also used to promote our work to the students.

Here you find an overview of our students' initiatives, departments and societies: B = Berlin, HH = Hamburg, ISL = Iserlohn.

The Student Council at our Berlin campus is an organisation run by a team of students who represent the needs and interests of the student community.

Our mission is to improve communication between students and the university and to maintain a safe and friendly environment on campus. We want to hear the views and opinions of our students and provide the best support through conversation and action. We believe in democracy, so every year we give our students the opportunity to elect representatives through anonymous, general and independent elections.

We meet with our fellow students fortnightly; every first and third Monday of the month. Our meetings can be entered into our diary so that students can easily keep track of them. By attending these meetings, you will support the growth of the student community, be able to share your opinion on important university matters and receive our help with projects you would like to implement on campus.

If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with us, you can find our contact information here:

Email: asta.b[at]

Instagram: @stuentcouncil.ueberlin

Facebook: @studentcouncil.ueberlin

Teams (for Berlin Campus students only): Select "Join or create team", then enter etoyocr in the "Join a team with a code" option and you're done! You are part of our teams channel.

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings!

The department organises meetings every semester to help new students to choose their semester abroad. We also help with the support of students who have already completed their semester abroad.


In principle, the CampusNetwork department is responsible for cooperation and communication between all departments. It acts as a link between the campus spokespersons, the management of the university and the departments. We also help with the establishment of new departments.

On our Instagram account we bring the activities of the departments and life on campus closer to the students. The Welcome Days are also organised and supported by the CampusNetwork. We are also happy to organise various activities to raise money for students, such as waffle and mulled wine sales or Secret Santa. Our goal is to bring the students closer together.
Instagram: @campusnetwork.hh

The marketing department supports the university's student advisory service and marketing activities. We help on information days, admission tests and fairs. In addition, various projects ensure a varied and practice-oriented process: pullovers with the university logo, a charity run and our own Snapchat filter.


ConsAltona is a student consultancy which carries out consulting projects on a pro bono basis in cooperation with start-ups. Furthermore we offer workshops in cooperation with consulting companies as well as so-called fireside evenings for the exchange with professionally experienced personalities. Our aim is to make a substantial contribution to the targeted preparation for the professional world.


Our department organises regular cinema evenings on campus for the film lovers among us. We have a wide selection of films, from indie productions to blockbuster cinema, we watch everything and are of course always open for your film suggestions. After a film we also like to sit in a relaxed round to exchange what we have seen.

In the radio studio of the university, members can learn everything about a live-on-air production. Podcasts and other broadcasts are also planned.

Global Community is a department of the university that is open to all courses of study and every student. The department is for all those who would like to experience linguistic and cultural exchange in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.


The university magazine offers students a stage on which they can present themselves, exchange ideas and have their say. In the magazine we display current news from the creative industry, free and course-related work, internship and semester abroad reports, interviews with lecturers and external artists and much more.


Here we plan Fifa tournaments and joint football matches, but also support networking events and organise a sports podcast. Furthermore, we provide the team for the Cup of the Privates.

Resort Leads: Tim Groß, Justus Lemp

We plan the events at the university. Preparation and follow-up work, but also the organisation on site will ensure an unforgettable evening. Organizing drinks, helping at the bar, finding a suitable DJ, as well as developing ideas for a new event, are part of every party planning here.


The campus band is for everyone who likes to make music. Every instrument is welcome. Together we want to have fun with music. Performances are possible, but not the main goal.


As a young department, we want to strengthen the environmental awareness of the university and its students. Together, we design events that bring ecological sustainability to the campus. We also advise on how to save resources at home and at the university as well as how to be more environmentally friendly.

Resort Leads: Emma Wohnsiedler, Linda Schmied

Now you’ve finally graduated from high school! But what’s next?

This is a question many high school graduates will be asking themselves. Going to university will be on the cards for many, but some may be feeling overwhelmed by the diverse range of options. It’s time to order prospectuses and find out about different universities and colleges so you can gain an overview.

Many high school students start their research in their final year of school by attending higher education fairs or taking part in taster study sessions. This gives them a chance to get a closer look at universities. The UE also takes part in many of these fairs as well as offering regular taster sessions and open house events for prospective students.

What’s the role of our marketing team?

This is where the UE marketing team comes in: we are the ones who support the open house events and taster sessions; we also represent the university at education fairs, answer prospective students’ questions, and help them to get orientated. We run tours of the university campus for parents and high school students, and provide answers to their numerous questions.

At many universities, it is the professors who are responsible for introducing the study programs and answering any related questions. Of course, our teaching staff and study guidance team are also on board and work closely with us so that prospective students have the chance to meet their future professors.

But there some questions which are best answered by our students: Will I have enough time to pursue my hobby alongside my lecture program? What is everyday life like for UE students?

Our marketing team has other responsibilities in addition to the education fairs, open days, school visits, and taster sessions. These include planning fresher’s week events and designing logos, as well as supporting other campus events and developing marketing campaigns for various campus departments.

Who are we?

Our team includes members from all our study programs to ensure that we have a diverse representation at our events. We enjoy communicating with people and providing honest answers to their questions.

Our marketing management team organize the events, divide our team members fairly between different events, and introduce new members to their responsibilities. Of course, someone from our management team is generally present at all events. We are also actively supported by the university’s study guidance team.

What makes our team special?

First of all, as a large, diverse team, our department gives you the opportunity to meet many interesting students from all semesters. Our members get to know new people, improve their communication skills, and build their confidence. What’s more, they have the chance to actively participate in university events.

One big advantage is that we don’t have weekly meetings, so we are only ‘on duty’ when it suits us. However, for your work on the marketing team to be recognized, you need to help out at least twice per semester.

Thanks to the wide range of tasks involved, students can work on the projects that interest them most. So if you want to improve your communication skills, you can take part in our open days or education fairs. If you enjoy meeting new people and organizing events, our fresher's week program is the perfect opportunity for you. And if you are the creative type, you can develop your full potential by getting involved in one of our marketing campaigns.

Interested in joining our team? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to welcome you to our next team meeting!


B.Invest e.V. promotes mutual exchanges and offers information on various aspects of the finance world to its members as a student stock market association. The basis for this are 

lectures by finance experts, workshops, stock exchange simulations, as well as implementation of stock market driver’s license and excursions. B.Invest complements lectures in finance in a casual atmosphere and as such offers a cornerstone for a successful entrance into the finance world.

Campus on air: At the university’s internet radio station ideas and contributions of every description are welcome. After all, we are all on the same wavelength here. That is true for the content and music as well as for style and design of our public image. Rarely is there so much to hear, when theory is purposefully realized in practice.

Engagement, competence, teamwork - these keywords define why we stand out. Curious and dynamic, we develop practical ideals from theoretical knowledge and lay the groundwork for an innovative solution for your company. We see the world through your eyes and combine our expertise with your concepts. 

We are a student management consultancy at UE in Iserlohn and unite students from various faculties in one aim: to create value. This means looking beyond the obvious, broadening the horizon, being open to new experiences, and working with a solution-oriented mindset. 

For over ten years, we have been creating tailor-made solutions for the present and future in task-based project teams and preparing a path to sustainable growth for local businesses. 

Our formula for success: Combine the new with the proven, and thus gain new perspectives. It’s not always wise to reinvent the wheel. Experience and diversity in individual teams, as well as direct contacts to members of the faculties at school, give us insight into the most recent academic developments and trends. That way always guarantees up-to-date and high-quality advice.

The purpose of our departmental work is to create a network of international students. We want to stimulate critical thinking in the form of case studies and to be a platform for current debates, problems and issues. We want to be actively involved in shaping our own future and no longer leave this responsibility to other people. Every year we would like to organize a case study competition with international teams on our campus.

Lead: Tobias Schoeneis

Finding exciting stories, designing them yourself, having fun - this is BiTS Licht, the university's own student magazine from the Iserlohn campus of the UE. Each semester a magazine is conceived and published. From the first topic ideas to the sale of ads, everything is firmly in the hands of the students. Not only media students work on BiTS Licht - the editorial staff consists of students from all disciplines. For each interested one there are suitable tasks. Everyone works together in a relaxed atmosphere to fulfill their dream of their own magazine. BiTS Licht - of students for students.

If you have any further questions, please contact us:

The student resort “BiTS Vision” pursues the goal of financially supporting international social projects. At the beginning of each semester, the members decide democratically which association or foundation should receive the donation proceeds of the current semester. The proposed institution will be checked beforehand so that that donations will be used seriously and that the financial support arrives locally.

During the lecture period various actions are organized. In these actions, the selected social project is presented and, for example, homemade cakes will be sold and the proceeds will benefit the project. In order to be able to transfer the largest possible amount of donations at the end of the semester, BiTS Vision or its members try to take on as many resources as possible for the respective actions themselves.

Resort members can easily discuss via WhatsApp or register during the regular resort meeting for the respective actions and support the actions, for example, by homemade waffles.

With our newly established department, we want to bring the sports aspect back to the campus of the UE in Iserlohn and establish targeted cooperation with regional representatives from the sports industry. The student engagement should lead above all to the acquisition of long-term partnerships. Thereby we hope to participate primarily in sports organisations in the Iserlohn area.