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UE Study Guarantee: Start your studies online or on campus

We are as ambitious as you are which is why we are putting in place innovative measures to ensure you can start your studies with us in 2022. Therefore, all students have the possibility to start their studies online and continue on-campus as soon as possible.*

In addition, we strictly follow a high standard of hygiene and safety measures on all our campuses. Because: We're focusing on your safety, so you can focus on your studies!

* Important note: The implementation of face-to-face lectures takes place in accordance with and subject to the legal requirements. There is no guarantee that classroom teaching will be possible throughout the semester (in this case, teaching will be digital).

If for any reason Government guidance changes in the next few months which means we are unable to open our campuses, don’t worry, we've got that covered too.

Our guarantee gives you the following reassurances:

​You can start your studies online now: it’s completely risk-free. 

  • If your campus is not open we will deliver our programmes via online teaching. Your learning will reflect the face-to-face experience and follow a similar delivery timetable.
    We will deliver our programmes via streaming with MS Teams and we will provide you with all the support you would expect from our Career, Rental, Library and Student Services. Our labs, studios, and libraries will be open and accessible to you as well from the beginning of the lecture period obeying distancing and hygiene rules.
    We will keep you updated on any developments.
  • If you cannot travel to the campus, due to health concerns or travel restrictions, you’ll be able to continue with one of our online options as well. In the past semester, we have been successfully delivering a continuation of our on-campus programmes through online streaming delivery. MS Teams combines live teaching, workshops, alongside ongoing student support, wellbeing and career services. This route is ideal for students who would prefer to transfer to face-to-face teaching as soon as the campus is open.

Are you waiting your Visa appointment? You can try it for one month at no risk and benefit from the UE study guarantee, after that if you do not wish to continue you have the following options:

  • You will have a deferral option if you don’t wish to continue to study online.
  • Fee cancellation will be provided in case you receive a visa refusal.

In case you have open questions, please check out our FAQS FOR LIVE AND DIGITAL LECTURES.

For face-to-face lectures, we will either have rotating groups on campus to observe the distancing rules or we will teach in such a way that parts of the students are on campus while the others are involved live via MS Teams ("hybrid teaching").


There are no blocking periods in the case you are stuck abroad or cannot initially come to campus for other reasons. Whenever you are able to come to campus during the semester, you can join classes on campus – provided distancing rules are observed. You can, for example, study for the first 3 weeks online, then join face-to-face or hybrid classes or continue to study online even if you could theoretically access the campus. 


In the case of another lockdown, all classes will be shifted to fully online (MS Teams) within 24 hours. But in the case of relaxation, the rate of face-to-face or hybrid classes will be increased in accordance with the distancing rules.

Here you can find our FAQs about digital lectures for 2022.

You’ve worked hard and are ready to start university so you will be pleased to know that our campuses will be open. We can also reassure you that your health and safety is our priority.

These are some of the measures we are implementing at our campuses:

  • The use of face coverings will be mandatory whilst on campus when you are outside of class.
  • Social distancing with clear markers on the floors.
  • Enter with vaccination proof, recovery proof or 24h test proof or - depending on current regulations - a combination of these
  • Perspex screens in key areas to protect you and staff: receptions, library, student services.
  • Sanitiser stations throughout the campus.
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout the campus using antiviral cleaning products.
  • Wipes and cleaning products available at touch points such as printers.
  • One way systems implemented where possible.
  • Limited number of people in the elevator and restrooms

Please find further information in this COVID-19 Mini Guide.

Study Guarantee/Risk free start ‐ Start your 1st semester and test our hybrid teaching provision (*subject to having paid the reservation fee)

UE allows students to start their 1st semester online without a national visa for Germany provided a reservation fee has been paid. Provisionally enrol for 4 weeks (1st- 30th September 2022 for Winter Semester 2022) by actively opting in for conditional admission. Students will be invoiced for the 1st semester after the initial 4 weeks and will be able to continue their online study until they receive their German visa, no later than the beginning of Semester 2 (exceptional situations will be considered). The deadline for 1st semester tuition fee payment is 5th October 2022 (for Winter Semester 2022).


Deferral options 

Students can defer their course start by up to two intakes against an administration fee of 150,- Euro per deferral. Students need to defer their start by the 31st March 2022 (for Summer Semester 2022) or 30th September 2022 (for Winter Semester 2022) in writing to their UE representative or UE’s student service department (Email: Students will automatically be deferred to the next intake if students cannot provide a valid visa and do not opt in the online studies.

Withdrawing before semester start (01st March 2022 for Summersemester, 01st September 2022 for Wintersemester)

After signing a study contract and before semester start (before 1st September 2022 for Wintersemester 2022), students are permitted to withdraw against an administration fee of 250,‐ Euro in the following cases: 

  • German embassy or consulate closures in their home country. Sufficient proof needs to be submitted along with a refund form.
  • Health issues that prevent students from starting with UE.


Withdrawing in the case of a visa refusal

Students whose visa application is not successful must submit a visa refusal letter issued by a Germany embassy/consulate in order to receive a full refund of their tuition fees MINUS:

  • An admin fee of 150,‐ Euro and deferral fees before lecture start if applicable (by the 3rd October 2022 for the WS22 intake)
  • Should students receive a visa refusal after lectures start date, while they are conditionally enrolled, an administration fee of 250,- Euro and deferral fees applies.

Download the complete 2022 Study guarantee here!


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