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BROKDORF bleibt! : A UE project together with PreussenElektra and Jung von Matt

Brockdorf bleibt!

On December 31, 2021, the Brokdorf power plant will be taken off the grid. The moment of shutdown is historic and will evoke the emotions of the earlier controversy in the entire region.

For this reason, 70 students from the "Art & Design" department of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) - with the active support of the operator PreussenElektra and the Jung von Matt agency - dealt with the topic of "energy transition and nuclear phase-out" in the summer semester of 2021 and asked themselves how such an important moment could be adequately accompanied.


The goal was to design visual forms of communication that do justice to the complex situation and open up new perspectives beyond reflexive self-reassurances. The results are the creatively and emotionally impressive projects "Brokdorf bleibt", "Brokdorf 360°", "Künstlerische Visualisierung" and "Brokdorf Explainer". You can find out more about the various projects of "BROKDORF BLEIBT" HERE.


Prof. Christian Meyer zu Ermgassen, initiator of "Brokdorf bleibt" and Vice Dean of the Department of "Art & Design / Illustration" at UE is available for interviews. We are happy to provide you with image material of the various "BROKDORF BLEIBT" projects.


Photo credit for image "Brokdorf bleibt": Laura Bartsch


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