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Diversity at UE

We live diversity

At the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), we thrive off the diversity of our staff and students. Our top priority is to cultivate respectful interactions and ensure all staff and students are protected from discrimination at the university.

Diversity and equal opportunity play a major role in life at UE because interdisciplinary boundaries can only be transcended by working together. As such, we oppose all forms of discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.

Dialogue and critical reflection are constantly encouraged at our university. Indispensably, both foster friendships as well as networks around the world and create an inspiring framework for academic scholarship and creativity.

At each campus, we cultivate a personalised atmosphere by responding to the unique strengths, life situations and development paths of each individual student and actively support them in their endeavours.

However, if students or staff are affected by discrimination, we are here to help. Please contact our  independent Diversity Task Force via the following address:

Group of Happy Students

Incoming Students | Study Abroad

Our campus Berlin is diverse and attracts students from all over the world. In this video, our international students share what they particularly like about UE.

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