UE Scholarship Schemes

UE Scholarship Schemes

Kick-start your career with one of our UE scholarships.

Introducing: UE Scholarships

Our scholarships are designed to promote individual achievements, creative talents, and academic excellence. We prioritize the promotion of diversity and innovation, and we invite you to benefit from the numerous opportunities that our scholarship programs offer

Our Winner of the 2022 Sherryl Kintu Scholarship

Valeriya is studying Illustration at UE, Campus Berlin, and took the chance to win the scholarship because of her talent.

Application Deadlines

Cultural Diversity Scholarship or Sherryl Kintu Scholarship:

  • by 2nd August 12am (of the current year) for our winter semester
  • by 2nd February 12am (of the current year) for our summer semester

All other scholarships:

When applying to a programme at UE* but latest:

  • by 1st September, 12am (of the current year) for our winter semester
  • by 1st March 12am (of the current year) for our summer semester

*In some cases the scholarship application can also be submitted within 14 days after the application for a programme at UE as been completed

Application Process

Upon submission of your application for a study programme at UE, you have the opportunity to simultaneously apply for a UE scholarship. To proceed, kindly download our application form and submit the fully completed form to your academic advisor. If you have not established contact with an academic advisor yet, please forward the completed document to:

Please note that you may need to submit additional evidence or documents for some UE scholarships. If you have any questions about the application process or would like advice on our scholarships, feel free to contact our student advisory service.

Download the application form for UE scholarships here:

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