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Would you like to help new students adjust to the UE campus environment and to succeed at UE?


The UE Peer Network Programme is a win-win for you! New students learn from experienced students who understand the university and campus inside and out, while experienced students develop mentoring skills, leadership skills, communication skills and deepen their understanding of their own university as peer leaders.

ERSTIs (new UE students)

Research (Metz, Cuseo & Thompson 2013) shows that students who have a peer mentor,

  1. stay at university & persist to graduation.

  2. are more successful in their academic achievement.

  3. Are better prepared for their careers - participation in campus leadership roles is good training for a future managerial position in the industry.

  4. Are better able to navigate university systems.

  5. Make strong connections with other students, staff, and professors.

  6. Are more confident and develop better social & communication skills and a stronger sense of belonging to the university community.

"First-Year Fridays" is an important social event for first-semester students at UE. It provides a much-needed break from the academic rigor and a chance to connect with peers, build new friendships, and explore the wider campus community. Many students who participate in the event have found it to be an effective way to combat homesickness, loneliness, and social anxiety.


Every second Friday, first-semester students at UE have the opportunity to participate in an exciting social event "First-Year Fridays". The event is organised by a group of passionate and experienced peer leaders who aim to create a positive and inclusive social environment for all first-semester students.

The event is held at a variety of locations on and off campus and activities and themes for each event vary depending on the interests of the organisers and the feedback from the participants. Some of the most popular events include game nights, Arcade, karaoke parties, and group outings. The peer leaders make an effort to create a welcoming and safe space for all students, regardless of their social background, interests, or personality.

UE Peer Leaders

As a UE peer leader, you will have a variety of responsibilities that involve helping new students succeed and thrive at the university. You will be expected to answer student questions about the university and provide insights into life as a student. Additionally, you will share your academic experience as a student at UE, including strategies for success that will serve as an example to your students.


  • Answer questions about the university and life as a student.
  • Share their academic journey experience as a student
  • Create opportunities for Erstis to meet new people and have fun.
  • Provide referrals to services and resources available on campus.
  • Share information about campus events and activities on campus.
  • Help Erstis achieve personal success through planning and goal setting.
  • Attend monthly check-ins with the Student Hub Advisor
  • Attend and actively participate in training sessions 
  • Attend and carry out assigned responsibilities during new student orientation (Ersti Week)

Yes! Peer leader training is a key part of preparing peer leaders to fulfill their responsibilities effectively and support their Erstis throughout their academic journey. By providing peer leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, the UE Peer Network programme helps create a welcoming and inclusive community that supports the success and well-being of all our students.

  • Confidentiality and Privacy 

  • Consent culture and anti-bullying culture

  • Public safety on and off campus 

  • Communication skills

  • Documenting meetings

  • Event planning 

  • Effective meetings one-on-one and as a group with new student mentees

  • Time Management

  • Be a full-time student currently registered in a study programme at UE.

  • Be in good academic standing.

  • Sign up for one semester (this does not include time as a volunteer).

  • Participate in Ersti Week prior to the lectures start. 

  • Ability to offer a positive, welcoming role model as an ambassador of the UE community.

  • Ability to communicate effectively and listen to mentee concerns.

  • Problem-solving skills to answer student queries.

  • Good organisation and time management skills.

And last but not least.

To mark the end of the peer leader's role for the semester, we host a celebration to honor their outstanding contributions. The peer leader is presented with a certificate of appreciation, and there are refreshments to enjoy. It is an evening of recognition and merriment!

Where do I apply?

Apply NOW to be a Peer Leader in the UE Peer Network at your campus by clicking here. You will receive a € 500 saving on your tuition for your efforts in this very important leadership role. A UE Programme Coordinator is available at each UE Campus.


Learn more about the programme by asking at the Student Hub on your campus or you can contact Hassan Omran (Programme Leader) | UE Innovation Hub

Meet our Peer Leaders!

Meet some of our peer leaders and see what they can help you with. Check this video out if you want to become a peer leader and pay it forward!