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As a state-accredited private university, we - the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)-  are pleased to offer you a new referral scheme. Are you already a member of the UE family and are enrolled in a study programme? Do you want to share the experience you've made here in Germany with a friend? Then our Refer-a-Friend programme might be of interest to you. We offer a financial reward if your friend successfully enrolls in to a UE study degree.


You want to know more? Find out more about our "Refer a Friend" scheme below and claim your benefits today.

Your Benefits


  • For each student successfully referred to UE you will receive a reward of € 500


  • Upon a successful application, your referred friend will also receive a € 500 tuition fee reduction or an e-voucher


Terms and Conditions


  • To be eligible as a referrer, you must have previously submitted an application and a minimum of €500 deposit. You may enter a maximum of nine referrals (per intake). UE, BiTS as well as BTK alumni are also eligible as referrers. 


  • To apply for the scheme, the referred student needs to complete the UE online application form. It is important to indicate the student-ID and full name of the referrer to receive the total reward. Referrals made in any other way will not be considered or accepted.


  • The referral reward will be awarded within 12 months if, a valid online application form, conditions are met. 


Find out more about UE's Terms and Conditions on the "Refer a Friend" programme here.

How to Claim your Reward

Step 1: Submit an Application

Submit an application and find out if you are eligible to be a referrer. Therefore, you must have submitted at least a €500 deposit.

Step 2: Referred Student Applies

Now the referred student needs to complete the application form. Important: To apply successfully you must indicate the student-ID and the full name of the recommender.

Step 3: Successfully Referred

The referral reward will be awarded to both within 12 months from the date of application if the conditions are met. 

Still Got Some Questions?

If you are not sure how to proceed to claim the benefits as part of our Refer-a-Friend scheme, please let us know and reach out to your personal student advisor: EU-applicants should reach out to Non-EU applicants should use this contact