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Welcome back!

We are back and opening the doors to our campuses in Hamburg, Berlin, Potsdam (Innovation Hub) and Iserlohn for the winter semester 2021/22. With the aim of enabling our students to return to a normal university routine, studying at UE will once again focus on presence teaching* for the coming semester.


This is also in line with the wishes of our students, who expressed their preference for con-ampus teaching in a survey. Nevertheless, we would like to continue to offer the newly implemented concept of "hybrid teaching" and digital knowledge transfer to our students.


For all those who, in exceptional cases, cannot attend presence lectures, we continue to guarantee the best academic education: in addition to the presence courses, it will still be possible for UE students to take part in classes digitally from the winter semester 2021/22. It is important to us that, despite the geographical distance, we convey a sense of togetherness and encourage students to exchange ideas with each other.


*Important note: The implementation of presence lectures is subject to government regulations regarding COVID-19. It cannot be guaranteed that presence teaching will be possible during the entire semester (in this case, teaching will take place digitally).


All information on hybrid teaching:

We look forward to welcoming students back to campus in compliance with current hygiene measures and health regulations. According to the current status, the distance regulation has been lifted, which means that the lecture rooms can be used again to their original extent. Our laboratories, studios and libraries will also be open for you again from the start of the lecture period, subject to hygiene regulations.


For lectures with a particularly high number of participants, we work with a rotation system in which smaller groups alternate between face-to-face and online teaching on a weekly basis. We also offer virtual live teaching via MS teams for individual cases in which attendance is not possible for health reasons or problems with entry to Germany. (In these cases, the programme directors should be contacted in a timely manner).


For the implementation of hybrid teaching, UE has made technical upgrades for the coming semester. With modern equipment, technical know-how and advanced teaching situations, we are launching a hybrid teaching concept that is unique in the educational landscape.

The UE Hybrid Teaching concept allows us to give our undivided attention to all student groups. Both face-to-face and online students are integrated on an equal level.


Our students will benefit from the hybrid methods, which open the way for us to teach and learn at our 4 campuses in Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg and Iserlohn on a cross-regional, cross-campus and interdisciplinary basis.


The modern setup allows us to adapt flexibly and quickly to developments in infection rates. Career, Arsenal, Library and Student Services are also still available online.

For hybrid teaching, we have upgraded our equipment with special camera and microphone systems and MS Teams computers and developed different room concepts for different teaching situations. In certain classrooms, for example, it will be possible to show both the online participants and the course material simultaneously via two screens. At the same time, newly installed cameras provide a view of the entire room, enabling online participants to see their fellow students even though they are on campus.

We teach hybrid

We teach hybrid

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