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Industry Badges and Certificates

Graduates need a competitive edge to boost their employability, especially in the future job market. To push you ahead of the competition, The University of Europe for Applied Sciences has partnered with leading business and tech giants such as IBM, AWS Amazon Web Services (AWS), Facebook, Tableau and HubSpot, to incorporate their latest technology and expertise into your degree. The certificates embody our focus on combining creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, through an international lens.

We have hand- picked five new badge and certification courses from some of the greatest businesses in the world, which can be studied alongside your degree at UE – free of charge. These certificates will help to improve your digital skills and better prepare you for a successful career.

These certificates will run alongside and complement your main degree. You can choose to study one or more of the certificates (though 3-5 would be most beneficial). The courses are accessible to both new and existing students and you will have the flexibility to begin anytime and study them online.


Certification Courses

The online courses will be delivered in English asynchronously, which allow you to take them at your own pace and access resources and support as needed. On completion of the courses, you will have the opportunity to earn badges or certificates awarded by the leading businesses. * The courses are accessible to new students from the Winter Semester 2021 intake.

We strongly recommend you choosing a minimum of three from the following courses to fully boost your employability.


*You are required to register a study account with an individual content provider 

This course allows you to develop skills in user-centred design, user-centric experience design, UX, user experience, user research ideation, AI and empathy.

IBM Logo

The course focuses on ‘Enterprise Design Thinking’ which argues: “a framework that aligns multi-disciplinary teams and the needs of their users. When teams apply these scalable methods, they’re able to move faster and deliver differentiated outcomes over and over again". You will receive Enterprise Design Thinking Digital Practitioner and Co-creator badges.

Tableau Software is a world-leading software company that produces interactive data visualization focused on business intelligence.

Tableau Logo

Tableau offers student licences and e-learning resources to UE students. On completion of this learning path, you will participate in the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam*. This is an entry-level certification that tests the basic functionality of Tableau Desktop and will help you to leverage the Tableau certification portfolio more easily. This industry-known certification can become an invaluable addition to your CV and will make you stand out against the competition and validate your in-demand skills for your desired industry.



Working with Facebook, we’re offering their Facebook Blueprint education and training programme that will empower students to reach their goals with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Logo

Through this programme you will develop your marketing skills and knowledge and establish yourselves as experts in Facebook digital marketing.


After studying the relevant Facebook Blueprint content, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Exam*, which covers foundational advertising concepts on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. There are also advanced-level courses and exams for those looking to enhance their strategy-based digital marketing skills and knowledge.


Having a certification from a renowned company such as Facebook, will not only provide unmatched practical learning experience but will also dramatically increase students’ credentials and ultimately their employability.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate Cloud Career Pathways leading to AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Logo

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted secure cloud platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, e-commerce and other functionality from data centres globally.


As part of the AWS Educate programme, UE is offering Cloud Career Pathway content with the potential to continue onto an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification*, which effectively demonstrates an overall knowledge of the AWS Cloud, independent of a specific job role. It also validates cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge, including understanding and explanations of the value of the AWS Cloud, security best practices, core AWS solutions and the shared responsibility model.



Sales Management Training Certification and Social Media Marketing Certification from HubSpot

Hubspot Logo

HubSpot is one of world’s leading developers and marketers of software products for inbound marketing, sales and customer service. As part of HubSpot's Education Partner Programme, UE Students will enhance their skills in digital marketing and sales through access to HubSpot's platform which offers marketing, sales, customer service and CRM software. 


You can obtain two HubSpot certified credentials:


  1. Sales Management Training: Certification for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Teams

You will learn how to define your target market, create a saleable sales process, and build training, coaching, hiring and onboarding programmes to help with better growth in your sales team.


  1. Social Media Marketing Certification

This will help you to shape the conversation around your business, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners through building an effective social media strategy, setting up social listening and moderation, creating social content, extending your reach, excelling in digital advertising, measure ROI, and more.

Career Prospects

Taking advantage of these industry-led Acceleration Badges and Certificates, will push you ahead of the competition and raise your employability. The certificates embody our focus on combining creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, through an international lens.


UE is fast becoming Germany’s tech-business focused university. These new partnerships with tech  industry leaders will give students the skills needed to differentiate yourselves from the crowd after graduation.



T-shaped, X-shaped and M-shaped learning

We teach in a different way to most higher education institutions, who largely focus on I-shaped learning. An I-shaped individual has developed a deep functional expertise in one area but lacks the skills or incentive to collaborate with others.


Today’s job market requires candidates with a wider skillset and excellent collaboration skills, which is why we approach learning differently. We focus on T-shaped, X-shaped and M-shaped learning concepts, which is what separates us from the rest, and raises our graduates’ employability.


T-shaped learning strengthens collaboration and communication in teams and provides a corporate insight into the classroom, adding value and increasing employability.


A T-shaped person is a subject-matter expert in at least one area and knowledgeable or skilled in several others. The vertical bar on the letter T represents the depth of skill and expertise in a single area and the horizontal bar is your breadth or ability to collaborate across disciplines in other areas and apply knowledge to areas beyond your primary field. There are currently skill gaps in workforces and the need to upskill employees is increasing - the most valuable employees are interdisciplinary. 


It makes sense to cross-train in areas close to your own area of deep expertise. By doing so, you’ll gain a wider understanding and eventually deepen your knowledge in those same areas.


X-shaped learning is typically known as the ‘executive”’ skill shape as senior leaders often possess it. X-shaped people have developed deep expertise in a core knowledge area as well as strong leadership skills, excelling in strategy, leading people and motivating teams. X-shaped learning involves an interdisciplinarity approach with a more holistic focus on a common goal. It’s more about finding purpose and less about knowledge and skills.


An X-shaped learner has a high degree of self-awareness, adaptability and has the competencies to thrive in the future. These unique skills are grounded in empathy and purpose, requiring the learner to flow and continually adapt to their environment.


M-shaped employees are members of high-performance cross-functional teams. The two vertical lines represent people having multiple expertise in their discipline or area. Someone with more than one specialty has more flexibly than someone with single specialty.


Having multiple skills is bound to raise your employability and set you apart from the competition. Adding additional expertise through these certificates will help students to transform into M-Shaped employees, early on in their career.


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