Campus in the Cloud

The Virtual Campus is a long-term, strategic initiative by University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), and its associated partner institutions, to build the next generation campus of tomorrow.

The UE Virtual Campus will be a complimentary addition to the existing and future bricks and mortar campuses of UE, catering to both a clientele interested in a hybrid/blended learning experience, as well as to those who are looking to study 100% in a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE).

The UE Virtual Campus is one of the high priority strategic ventures of UE and we are currently looking into the following core aspects:

  1. Digital didactics
    Which new forms of knowledge acquisition and transfer can be investigated and how can they be implemented into the framework?
  2. Digital services and community
    How can we build a cross-campus digital student environment which integrates student services into their study lifecycle and social activities.
  3. Technical/platform implementations and repercussions
    Which online learning platform is the most versatile, scalable and easy to implement? Which offers the greatest flexibility and the best experience to students but also to course creators and holders? 

The Virtual Campus requires a unique, explorative and innovative approach to the way content is delivered and classes are run in a virtual learning environment. The development of this important and exciting venture takes place across departments and faculties.


→ Integrated Virtual Learning (IVL)