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Digitale Raumausstatter im Aufwind

University Of Europe For Applied Sciences Backoffice Zur Digitalen Bachelorausstellung Der Ue. Gallery

Digital interior decorators on the rise

October 27, 2020

Digital interior decorators on the up: degree programs in game and interaction design create social togetherness for digital spaces

Berlin / Hamburg. October 27, 2020.
While the pandemic is ruining many professional sectors, it is giving the gaming industry an immense boom. Especially when gaming is not understood as a pure game development, but is more broadly involved in equipping digital rooms. Courses that provide training in game design, digital & interaction design and communication design, as at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), are currently very much in vogue.

“The reason for this is the current conditions that force us to move social spaces into digitality. Nobody has ever imagined funerals or children's birthdays in online format, but in this new normal we have no other choice, "says Lauritz Lipp, Professor of Digital & Interaction Design at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

In order to make these digital celebrations as pleasant as possible, game and interaction designers are required to create a suitable framework for them on digital platforms. You function as a digital interior decorator, so to speak, and take care of the right ambience. To this end, the original fields of activity of game and interaction designers are broken up and they are used outside the game industry in society, art, culture and teaching.

Professor Lauritz Lipp describes the designers' changed areas of responsibility: “For an online funeral, for example, it is important to create an aesthetic space that is appropriate to the occasion. Common digital conference formats such as Zoom or Teams can only be a temporary solution here, because not all the faces of the guests should appear next to each other in photo format, but rather the digital, sacred space and the event itself should be in the foreground ", so Lip.

The same applies to virtual children's birthdays, cooking courses, vernissages and trade fairs. Here, the interaction designers and the game designers are asked to create concepts for the new online gatherings of cultural life. Events where many people come together digitally are currently very much in vogue.

“We game designers create worlds in which we welcome guests. Together with our students, we are working on new online formats that make it possible for many people to meet again. The separation between virtual and real has broken in people's minds and virtual space has become part of the new normal, "says Csongor Baranyai, professor of game design at UE.

Both professors are happy about the new professional fields and business ideas that are emerging in their sphere of activity and work together with their students on numerous projects in order to meet the new challenges at a distance.

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About the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences with locations in Iserlohn, Berlin and Hamburg is a state-recognized private university and trains in the three faculties of economics and psychology; Sports, media & events as well as art & design designers and decision makers from tomorrow As a future-oriented university, the UE breaks traditional academic models and offers practice-oriented, individually funded learning as part of an interdisciplinary exchange with all departments. It thus combines creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and digital innovation in a course that is tailored to the needs of the digital job market.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences offers bachelor's and master's degrees as well as dual bachelor's and an online MBA program . The university is  accredited by the Science Council and all courses are accredited by FIBAA and ZEvA . U-Multirank has recognized the UE as the world market leader in international orientation and has classified it as one of the TOP 10 universities in business administration in the field of teaching quality  .

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