Your design career: next steps

If you’ve successfully completed your bachelor’s degree in design, you may be you planning to  specialize on a master’s program.
Perhaps you’re unsure about which course is best for you. Today, we’ll introduce you to our three design master’s programs and show you how they could help you expand your career horizons.

Design is increasingly in demand

The increasing importance of design is highlighted in the 2018 McKinsey & Company report, The Business Value of Design: ‘Design is more than a feeling: it is a CEO-level priority for growth and long-term performance.’
There is a growing demand for professional designers and media experts, and a greater need for highly trained professionals with creative expertise, innovative approaches, media skills, and business sense.

If you are looking for a master’s program that offers you experimental, interdisciplinary, and artistic opportunities alongside the chance to develop professionally, our Media Spaces master’s is ideal for you.
This program provides excellent preparation for an independent managerial position in a company media department. It also enables you to embark on an academic career or build strong foundations for starting your own business.

A mix of creativity and business

Innovation-oriented companies are increasingly looking for managers who understand how design can be used as a driving force for business decisions, and artistic approaches are frequently linked to economic factors.

If you’re passionate about design and are also business minded, then our Innovation Design Management master’s program would suit you. This program focuses on the intersection between creative and innovative business approaches at a professional level.
With a master’s in Innovation Design Management, you’ll be qualified for a wide range of exciting careers. During the course, you will gain skills in fields such as Product & Innovation Management, New Business Development, and Design Development & Management. Depending on your experience and your chosen sector, you could earn as much as 80,000 euro gross as a Design Manager (

The design and business balance

If you’re interested in digital design and would like to combine creative, commercial, and business approaches, then our Visual & Experience Design master’s is just right for you. Advancing digitalization means there are many career opportunities in digital design and this is a field worth specializing in.

As a junior UX or UI designer, your starting salary could be as high as 37,000 euro gross ( If you’ve already gained some work experience during your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, your income will be even higher–you could earn up to 10,000 euro more per year.
There are many other rewarding professions you can aspire to once you have graduated, such as a data visualization designer, digital brand and product designer, visual communication designer, or an exhibition designer.


Both in business and creative industries, design is becoming an increasingly important element. With a bachelor’s in Communication Design, Photography, Illustration, or a similar subject, you’ll have plenty of job opportunities.
With a master’s, you can further enhance your career prospects and increase your expertise. Specializing will make you an expert in your field and will improve your employment options, and your salary.

If you’re about to graduate and are already looking for a suitable job, you can find out about a range of employment opportunities on our JobTeaser  careers site or at the campus Career Center.

Starting salaries in psychology

If life and human behavior fascinate you, you may be professionally interested in analyzing complex perspectives, processes, and the human psyche. With a degree in Psychology, you’ll have a range of career options with a variety of starting salaries.
Our next article in the ‘Starting salaries’ series on Friday, July 19, 2019, will take a close look at potential earnings in the field of psychology.

Are you still looking for an ideal place to study? At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you can  study Psychology without the stress of having to achieve minimum grades. Would you like to know more? You can find all you need to know about our Psychology program here.

Many thanks to our professors and lecturers Peter Crnokrak, Johannes Kiessler and Professor Thomas Noller for providing a wealth of information on specific earnings and reference materials.

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