>>>What’s behind… an Event Management degree?

What’s behind… an Event Management degree?

Which degree is the right one for me? In order to give you an overview, we are taking you behind the scenes. Here you will find information on career prospects, work routine, and advancement opportunities.

Inviting and receiving stars, booking equipment and catering, checking the sequence before the show begins – all of this can be part of everyday work after an event management degree. However that is not all, far from it: Event managers can do much more than plan a party!

The Event Management degree: What’s it all about?

“Dry business meets creative concepts.”

This is how Prof. Stefan Chatrath describes the subject he teaches at BiTS Berlin. The Event Management degree prepares young organizational talents for hosting events professionally, practically, and lucratively, from the first ideas to their realization and evaluation.

Thus the subject includes the basics of business administration for professional planning, implementation, and evaluation of projects. It complements those skills with the creative techniques and processes of conception from the field of communication. To put it plainly: You learn to calculate a budget, for example, and apply it in the most efficient manner to achieve the intended goal of an event. Those who are keen to take on new ideas with drive, and a good dose of courage are at the right place.

Fields and areas of work

Where are event managers needed? Short answer: Everywhere. This is no joke, as your areas of responsibility span from organizing company anniversary celebrations to product presentations and trade fairs through to music concerts.

Events you might work on after your Event Management degree are roughly divided into four categories. Firstly there are events that businesses organize for other businesses, which are known as business-to-business events (or B2B events for short). Such an event might be the presentation of a new product variant in front of possible sponsors. Public events may be best exemplified by a rock concert. Social and cultural events offer a public or closed space for social engagement or cultural exchange: Are you familiar with the Berlin Carnival of Cultures? At exhibition events, such as trade fairs, previews, or closing nights in the art or fashion sectors, it is all about showing off a product, collection, or idea in the best light possible.

festival event

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You may work in the event marketing department of a large corporation, as an employee at an events agency, or even found your own. Regardless of that, your work begins and ends not with the party that you organize. After the briefing, the first step is creative planning. In project management you then book the location and service providers, delegate, and ensure that everything is prepared. You may be responsible for event production at the location. You check the progress to ensure that everything is going as planned.

Then comes the evaluation, recording how the project went, identifying potential for improvement, and improving your skills constantly. After the Event Management degree you will work in quick succession in a wide range of positions. Or you specialize on the one that really excites you.

Career perspectives after the Event Management degree

Around three million events take place in Germany every year. It is obvious that the job market is favorable to graduates in this sector. But what about the pay?

A research by the IUBH School of Business and Management found that the average annual salary of an event manager (depending on the career background) is between 35.000 and 45.000 Euro a year. Men still tend to earn more than women. Those starting out in the profession can expect a monthly gross income of 2.500 Euro, if they have prior experience.

And that is what the field is all about: According to the career portal Absolventa, experienced event managers, who completed a degree in this subject often earn up to 60.000 Euro a year. Those who get into the profession early and make use of opportunities are in the strongest position.

Event Management degree: This is what you need to have

To succeed in the Event Management degree you require a certain talent for organization. Of course, you also need to enjoy it. You have a strong hand, if you can keep your cool in stressful situations. Only then can you stay calm and react to changes of plan and small blunders. You should also feel at ease communicating and have good people skills. Those who avoid picking up the phone or yield to others in presentations will be overwhelmed very quickly.

Study Sport & Event Management (B.Sc.) at BiTS

Do you have sporting events in mind when you think of big events? At BiTS sport and event management are combined in a degree, full-time or even as a dual degree in cooperation with ALBA BERLIN College!

Any questions? Post them in the comments or reach out to our student advisory service or the faculty directly.

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