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Degree in Psychology: Career in Healthcare or Business?

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) you can study Psychology and Business Psychology. This article tells you all about what you can achieve by graduating in both.

The human mind is a complex process. Analyzing feelings and patterns of behavior is an art in and of itself.
Psychology requires not only empathy and a ready ear but also an understanding of the processes in the brain and skill in dealing with people.

The world of the mind

As a health psychologist you advise people on questions of healthy living, health promotion and prevention as well as on changes in health behaviour. In the field of rehabilitation psychology you support people in dealing with illnesses or mental disorders. In addition, there are many opportunities for employment in social institutions, for example in addiction counselling or as a street worker.

As the name already says, the Business Psychology course is a mix of business know-how and grounded psychology.
Combining the two fields prepares you for a career in a huge range of vocational fields. Here you learn what you will be able to do with this course of studies!

Key and hole – what fits together?

As a personnel manager you are the key to internal processes. Having a trained eye you know what is needed when recruiting personnel. Moreover, as recruiter you make decisions on in-service training and further education and professional development courses for personnel or on team development. You work as a mediator between parties in dispute.

Don’t despair, ask the consultant!

Become a professional in the field of consulting and change management. As a business consultant you are a much sought-after asset because you know exactly how to allay the concerns of the employees. As a trained business psychologist you are skilled at pointing staff and employees in the right direction in the company. For this, training and coaching play an important role in your future work.

Google, Facebook, or Amazon- achieving success through big data

The next Jobguide article will deal with the blending of management and programming. UE is the only university in Germany that offers a course in Digital Business & Data Science. For all those of you who can’t wait until December 1st – just click here!

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