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What is the right part-time job for me?

Movie theaters, bars, dining out, and going out with friends cost a lot of money.
You aren’t exactly swimming in cash and therefore looking for a suitable part-time job? You aren’t sure what part-time jobs are out there and which ones are right for you?
In this guide we are going to present you a few part-time jobs so that your search becomes a little easier.

Get a part-time job with power and stamina

You are strong and have a very good stamina? You don’t shy away from demanding work and have no problems with carrying boxes and other heavy objects? Then a part-time job in physical work is exactly the right thing for you. Jobs in this sector include warehouse, stocktaking, and assembly work, and also in delivery services and gyms.

As a stagehand, your main task involves – who knew – the stage. Staging, backdrops, and stands at trade fairs and other events are examples of such.
As a warehouse and stocktaking worker, you exchange old items on the shelves with new ones. You require a cool head for inventory counts and background noise should not distract you, otherwise you have to start all over again.
Delivery jobs are also very popular. With a good service and quick delivery you might be in luck and be tipped handsomely. However many delivery services demand that you have your own vehicle. Only a small number of operators provide you with a bicycle, scooter, or automobile.
In catering too you can earn a regular bonus in addition to your wage. More engaging and friendlier you are towards the customer as a waiter/waitress, the more you earn.
You love going to the gym and know the workouts? How about a job as a trainer in your gym? Show the newbies how to use the fitness machines to make the most out of them without injuring themselves.

Interact and communicate what something is worth

Are you a people person? In large cities in particular, promoters are in demand. Your work includes actively talking to passersby and distributing information and advertising materials on the street.
Are you into museums, galleries, and other landmarks? Then you are not alone. Turn your hobby into part-time job and give tours at places that are worth visiting.
If you have an artistic streak then you can lead a workshop with organizers such as ArtNight-Workshops and have an impact on others with your creativity.

Are you only free during the vacations and would like to travel for your job? As an entertainer at hotel facilities you have the unique opportunity to get to know unfamiliar countries and earn money at the same time by performing fun entertainment acts.
Ice cream parlors are seasonal and they are a good fit for you if you only wish to work during the summer.
You like events and would like to meet a lot of new people? How about a job as a host/hostess? You are present at different events, greet and look after guests, and help with event organization.

Looking for more relaxed part-time jobs?

You’re more of a quiet person and looking for a job that you don’t need to learn the strings or do super complex tasks?
Then simply working at the checkout in movie theaters, supermarkets, or malls is a great part-time job for you.
You have no problems picking up a handset and advise customers? Call centers are desperately looking for motivated employees who have fun calling people and can keep a cool head in stressful situations.
You are looking for more action? Work as a cloakroom attendant in clubs and theaters. Enjoy the atmosphere of the place during your work time.

Expand your knowledge

Are you studying and do you have a good rapport with a professor? Professors at large universities in particular have many things to do. And there is little time left for organizational and administrative stuff. This is where you come in! Support your favorite professor as an assistant or administrator.

You would like to gather professional experiences with your part-time job? Then you should look for a working student placement. There are numerous businesses looking for employees who can demonstrate experiences in the field for every discipline.
A placement as a working student is ideal for your resume after your degree because you can point to practical business experiences.

Where do I find part-time jobs?

Do you already have an idea about what you would like to do but don’t know how you can find the right job?
With agencies such as ucm-agency and studitemps.de you can quickly and simply find part-time jobs as stagehands, hosts/hostesses, promoters, and waiters/waitresses.
With most agencies you have to create an online profile before you can submit your application. Before you obtain a job you normally receive a call from the agency in which they arrange everything and conduct a short interview so that they know that they can trust you and you will not just ditch the job.
A big advantage of agencies is that you are protected legally and wages are paid from the organizer via the agency. So you can be certain that you will be paid and you will not be ripped off.

Depending on your personal and job preferences you will find a suitable job for you in the large pool of part-time jobs. The choice is great and the decision is not always easy to find the ideal part-time job. For this reason agencies are a particularly good option, because the jobs they offer are mostly for short periods and you can try different job sectors until you find your perfect part-time job.

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