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Luisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Media Management from the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) and now works as an Account Executive in Sales for one of the world’s largest software companies. She says there’s always demand and growth in her industry:

“If you make an effort, you can choose where you want to work. It couldn’t be better.”

As a woman in a “male domain”? No problem

Luisa was one of the first women in her industry: “There are few women in this business so far, I was something of a first mover. I got into my field of work through a contact at UE and quickly realized that I liked the IT industry. Once you’re inside, the sales figures clearly show how good you are, and what I do, I do very successfully today.”

Flexible thanks to good training

At the beginning of her studies Luisa wasn’t aware that she would become a sales manager: “I actually studied communication and media management and had originally focused on fashion during my studies. But now I’ve ended up in a typical sales role for software which is a completely different direction.” Nevertheless, her studies still help her today: “I am in the constant control process of communication between customers and developers, the knowledge and skills from my studies flow continuously into the consulting process”.

Making contacts at an early stage

Luisa says about her time as a student: “Of course, a good education was important, but I was also able to make a lot of relevant contacts – people at the university help each other out. There were also good role models. At the university in Iserlohn I had a lecturer who really impressed me. Especially when the road became a bit rocky in my later professional life, you can say to yourself: “Look, she did it. When you work as a woman in a male domain, it’s important to have such role models.”

Occupational activity during your studies

Thanks to flexible course choices and sufficient free time in the timetables, it is no problem to work while studying. Luisa also financed her private studies by working for a fashion department store: “This enabled me to finance a good part of the study costs.”

Studying Communication and Media Management

Media managers moderate the often very different requirements of editorial departments or creative departments on the one hand, and corporate management or financial planning on the other. They usually work in decisive positions in publishing houses, film productions or management consulting. Communication managers, on the other hand, primarily control communication – not only in the sense of marketing, but also in the sense of internal communication or corporate communication. They are in demand as experts for all media channels – offline and digital. They are involved in the planning, control, production and implementation as well as the evaluation of projects.

In addition to the core disciplines of internal and external communication and marketing, the bachelor’s programme therefore teaches a broad spectrum of economic knowledge from the fields of business administration and economics, media, micro and macroeconomics, accounting, the basics of statistics and business law. Students also learn methods of market research, the writing of press releases and the creation of media content – from video and photos to text and audio – as well as the associated handling of content management systems. In addition, the Bachelor of Communication and Media Management prepares students for a leading position through, for example, lectures in the areas of corporate management, strategic planning, project management and crisis communication, but also mediation techniques.

In addition, there is the opportunity to work at our in-house campus radio station as well as on several editorial projects and digital media in the university, such as the teaching editorial department Terminal-Y in Berlin, Grossstadtpapier in Hamburg or the Maerkzettel in Iserlohn, in order to gain initial practical experience.

Luisa’s story began with her studies at UE – you can find out how her story continued and how UE supported her on her way at: www.ue-stories.com

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