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UE Stories: Annamaria – Next Level Networker

Annamaria has always had a preference for mathematics and education. A teacher at school recommended that she bring these interests together and study business psychology. After graduating from high school, she decided to study Business Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences (UE) in Iserlohn.

Today she works for Deutsche Bahn as Head of Recruiting and is responsible for Human Resources Management. She looks for the best new minds to bring the company forward and, at the same time, develops the potential of the workforce. She says she still benefits from her studies today:

“Even today, I still draw on my network from back then. And interestingly enough, I always meet people in my profession who also studied at UE. Somehow you’re close to each other and it is much more helpful.”

Business psychology as a door opener

“Especially in the field of human resources, there are many people who have studied business psychology.” About her day-to-day work at Deutsche Bahn, she says: “My tasks naturally include finding and selecting suitable personnel, but also developing my employees – in other words, tapping potential. I think this is a great job that gives me a lot of pleasure and positive feedback”.

Good chances on the job market

She is positive that business psychology has developed into a kind of trend study: “Business psychology is actually a popular subject at the moment. But of course it is the same for all professions: those who are flexible and at the same time good in their subject will also get good offers. Many areas of the company – such as human resources – are changing as a result of digitisation. This means that new job profiles are being created all the time.”

Studying with friends

Annamaria says: “My studies in Iserlohn were marked for me by the very familiar atmosphere on campus. There you live, there you learn, there you celebrate together. Working in teams – sometimes all night long – is still very much in my memory. You also have more personal contact with the lecturers than at other universities. My master’s degree gave me a new insight in this respect”.

Just drop by

Annamaria had several universities in mind and decided to visit the UE in person: “When I was there to get more information, I liked it so much that I immediately decided in favour of Iserlohn. It was all about the personal support. I was actually greeted by the same contact person who appeared in a photo on the website. And on the first day, the rector welcomed all the students in the atrium. That inspired me very much.”

Studying Business Psychology

As opposed to clinical psychologists, business psychologists deal with the psyche and thoughts of consumers, market participants and employees. Economic psychology is a field of applied psychology. Thus, the field of activity of business psychologists always revolves around the human being.

The spectrum in the later professional life reaches from advisory activities up to management positions: graduates of business psychology qualify for professions in the fields of personnel management and consulting, market and opinion research, marketing or business and organisational consulting, as well as mediators. Other terms for business psychologists are industrial psychologists or industrial psychologists. They are often coaches too – for example, they help to train employees to become managers within the company, solve conflicts within the company or develop concepts to improve the compatibility of work and private life, health, but also performance. Another relatively young field is human-machine interaction. With the increasing use of machines apart from traditional manufacturing occupations, future business psychologists are faced with the challenge of providing psychological support for what is perhaps the greatest revolution in the world of work since industrialisation.

In the Business Psychology bachelor’s programme, students at the UE learn various psychological basics from the fields of personnel psychology, industrial psychology, health psychology, organisational psychology, market psychology and advertising psychology on the one hand, and knowledge of methodology, statistics, empirics, theory of science and epistemology, diagnostics, business administration and accounting, taxes and controlling through to mediation and discussion moderation on the other.

How Annamaria’s story began and how University of Applied Sciences Europe supported her on her way to becoming Head of Recruiting Development can be found at: www.ue-stories.com


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