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Turn the Media and Film Business Upside Down

Are you interested in the muti-faceted business of media?
Do your interests go beyond camera work, lighting, and sound? Do you want to actively participate in designing and developing time-based media? Then today’s post is just the right one for you!

Take One

Do you love watching films, and do you have your own ideas for the next blockbuster? With a degree in Film & Motion Design, you’ll learn your way around film production. You’ll be as well-versed in camera work as you are in lighting and sound, and you’ll know how expressive scenes are created. You can make your own films as a director and control the production process. Maybe you’ll soon be on the red carpet with your film on the big screen!

Do you like working with technology? Then you should consider becoming a camera operator. For this work, you need to have the so-called right view for the details as much as the overall picture. You’ll find the right angle for capturing scenes and sequences. If you’d rather work with already-filmed materials and image processing and cutting is your thing, you can also get your start in the industry as a film editor or cutter.

The Advertising of Tomorrow

Do you find ads these days dreary and utterly boring? Then join an advertising agency and work as a creative director to create advertising messages that inspire and linger in the mind. As a creative artist, you can let your ideas and fantasies run free. Create designs and logos for hip brands or develop completely new advertising concepts; start with text and go on to layout or graphics and turn small brands into big ones.

In the program in Film & Motion Design, you’ll also learn how to work with animation and 3-D modeling. Is working on the computer or the design board more fun for you? As a 3-D artist or animator, you’ll be at the forefront of three-dimensional design. Your creative talent is in demand in the film and computer game industries. Work across sectors with game designers and bring the next hit game to the market.

Manager 1.0 – You’re Ready to Launch!

There are lots of managers. Do you want to set yourself apart from the crowd? Then climb up to the next rung on the career ladder and bring your management qualifications up to the next level! Become a much-sought-after candidate in corporate management. On Friday, March 23, 2018, you can expect a new Jobguide article. Do you want to know more about our Master’s Program in Corporate Management?  Then click here and get all of the information!

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