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The public sector, part 4: Art & Design

Have you just completed your degree in a creative field or are you about to finish and would you like to know about potential employers in the creative industries?
Other than agencies and businesses, you can also start your career in the public sector after you graduate. In this piece we are going to present diverse jobs from the public sector to you.

The Bundeswehr – Not just for soldiers

The Bundeswehr is among the largest employers in Germany and offers secure jobs in 1,000 different professions. As a media professional you can find your dream job with the Bundeswehr.

Would you like to support the radio and TV station of the Bundeswehr or showcase your creative talent? As a graphics designer, you should enjoy producing films, graphics, animations, screen layouts, and other formats.
You can impress others a lot if you have been able to gain experiences in TV and studio production technologies. You should be no stranger to using editing software such as Final Cut and Avid Media Composer.

In the media design department, you are responsible for producing print and presentation creatives. You work with graphics, images, and text files and are in charge of creating reproducible print media templates for offset and digital printing.

With a degree in Film + Motion Design you’re well-prepared as a graphics designer in the public sector. Are you still looking for your ideal college?
At the University of Applied Sciences Europe you learn from working professionals and can acquire important technical know-how and artistic skills even as you study for your creative degree.
Here you find all the information you need!

Communications expert in the public sector

Are you a great communicator and you don’t shy away from assuming responsibility? What do you think of the position as a head of cultural activities at a public library, city office, or foundation? For such position you must have excellent organization skills and the ability to coordinate. Besides your solid know-how in the areas of culture, media, and crafts, you should also have first experiences in event planning. As the head of cultural activities, you’re responsible for event management as well as city marketing.

Colleges and universities could equally be a good employer. As a communications manager you create content aimed at the target audience on social media platforms and other digital media. You are responsible for maintaining the website and intranet and work to optimize as well as design internal and external communication of the educational institution.
For this job, you ideally have knowledge in producing images and moving images. In addition you should have good Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop skills.

With our bachelor’s degree in Communication Design, you will be a communications expert at many levels. Become a specialist in the areas of photography, animation, design, and typography! Learn more about our practice-oriented degree program here!

With a degree in a creative program you have many opportunities to get a good job in the public sector.
There are no limits for your creativity in your job search. Maybe your expertise will be shining through at a foundation, public office, or the Bundeswehr in the near future.

Christmas is just around the corner

This year is coming to an end and Christmas is not even two weeks away. Have you planned very badly and you haven’t bought any presents even though Christmas is just around the corner?
In our next piece on Friday, December 21, 2018, we are going to give you a few tips for last-minute present ideas. Are you looking for a short-term job in the period up to Christmas? You find three tips for pre-Christmas jobs here.

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