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The public sector, part 3: These are the jobs for IT experts and digitalization specialists

Are you interested in technology trends and know IT inside out?
Digitalization must take place even in the civil service. Your expert knowledge is thus in urgent demand in the public sector! In this piece we are going to examine the jobs created by digitalization. Learn what job skills and qualifications you need for this sector.

Security experts in the digital world

Are you interested in new legal positions and at the same time in IT? With a position in data protection and information security, you advise the company you work for or a public agency such as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) in matters related to data security, processing, and technical implementation.
The GDPR has created many positions. Another position in the data security sector is the job of the data protection officer.
For this job you must know the current laws and regulations on data protection and security. You should also have a good understanding for system and network security, cryptography, and security engineering. You look for vulnerabilities, optimize and take care of digital security of the organization.

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Do you have a knack for development?

Do you have a certain system know-how? Do you have a good idea about IT development and integration of databases?
Are you interested in the conceptual understanding of systems as well as their installation, administration, and integration? Then you’re the perfect candidate for the position of database specialist.

Equally as an IT engineer you create and work on different systems.
This can range from IT security to telecommunication networks to information and communications engineering. To really impress your future employer, you should bring excellent skills in conceptual work and be confident in speaking English.
The Federal Intelligence Agency (Bundesnachrichtendienst) and other federal agencies are looking for experts like you who possess a strong sense of where IT trends and their developments are heading to.

Tracking down criminals

Even in the IT sector there are action-packed jobs such as at the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) or a city police department.
As an ICT investigative support officer, you’re responsible for securing, analyzing, and processing data. You go to the scene as a data and IT expert, secure and document the evidence so that they can be later used in court.

You would rather track down cybercriminals? The job as a cyber forensics expert requires you to be extremely knowledgeable in the functional technologies of the Internet and an understanding of modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and mobile devices.
Do you have a basic knowledge in the methods of digital forensics? Even better! A good training for this type of work is knowledge in the areas of programming and IT project management.

There are many branches in the public sector where digital experts and IT specialists can work, from tricky development tasks to fighting criminals. In which area do you feel most comfortable?

Out and about as a creative genius in the public sector

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In the fourth part of the series on the public sector, we will be looking at the professional opportunities in art and design.

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