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UE Stories: Constantin – Fast Focus Adventurer

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Constantin holds a bachelor's degree in photography from University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). Today, he is a freelance bicycle and travel photographer. He says that during his studies, he came into contact with many people who inspired and supported him: "In retrospect, I really appreciate the freedom offered by studying at UE. The professors and lecturers give [...]

UE Stories: Niklas – Creative Space Explorer

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Niklas completed his bachelor's degree in photography from the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). Today, he is the editor of his own fashion magazine "Hart" and takes over the tasks of Creative Director and Editorial Designer. What began as a university project at UE is now his life and career. "We started as a student magazine in [...]

Starting salaries in photography

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If creativity is in your blood and you’re passionate about images, photography, and design, you may be aiming for a career as a photographer. In today’s article, you’ll learn all about starting salaries in the field of photography. Vocational training or university? Are you torn between a photography degree and vocational training? You’ll earn very [...]

Starting salaries in creative professions

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If you have just graduated and are looking for a job, then you’re probably wondering what salary you can expect to earn when you start work. In this article, you’ll find out about entry-level salaries in the fields of photography, communication design, and graphic design. What influences your starting salary? In addition to your degree [...]

Are you celebrating World Photo Day?

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You love photography and admire engaging pictures? Then you will be a big fan of the World Photo Day on August 19. This curious holiday is all about photography. What makes the day so special? On the World Photo Day, it’s all about your passion and love of photography. You can see how passionate our [...]

The World – Your Exclusive Photographic Subject

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Do you see a photographic subject in every moment? Is your camera your constant companion? Do your interests reach beyond just taking photographs? In this article, you’ll learn about professions you can pursue using your passion for photography. Putting Things in the Right Light With a degree in photography, you’ll be an expert in staging. [...]

Are You the New Creative Hero?

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Not afraid to grab the chalk or ink? But you also like working digitally? Innovate, create and visualize—give the world more color and design it the way you want it! Today, the UE presents the creative professional worlds of an illustrator. The Decision is Yours There are numerous, varied fields in illustration. Conquer the professional [...]