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Starting salaries in the finance sector

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If figures, formulas, and calculations are what make you tick, you may be aiming for a career in the finance sector. In today’s article, we’ll look at entry level salaries for finance professionals. Thriving tax sector As a qualified tax consultant or auditor, you can expect to earn a starting salary that is above average [...]

Are you going to be the next highflier in finance?

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Business administration and managing numbers are exactly your thing? Then a Master’s degree in the discipline of finance and controlling is potentially the right choice for you, such as the Finance Management program at the University of Applied Sciences Europe! Click here to see more information about the Master’s program. So that you have a [...]

Job skills – Your dream job in the banking and insurance industry

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Many people work at numerous insurance agencies and bank branches across Germany. Are you interested in this sector and would like to gain a foothold? The University of Applied Sciences Europe has carefully examined banking as well as the insurance industry for you. Set your goals In order to land your dream job, you must [...]