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Summer series on media jobs: PR and corporate communication – What is it?

It is summer and vacation time.
Use your downtime and get to know about various career opportunities in the media sector! In our new summer series, we are having a close look at media careers.

What is corporate communication about?

In corporate communication, you deal with internal and external communication. In other words, you communicate as the business or agency with the public and your colleagues.
Internal communication is an important aspect of employee motivation and the successes it produces.
No one wants to work for an employer who does not keep their employees in the loop about the processes, news, and changes.

The goal of corporate communication is a balanced and strategic communication both externally and internally. In order to ensure such, the communication department keeps in close contact with the management to produce internal and external newsletters, staff and customer magazines, and brochures and website content as well as movies and look after social media channels of the business in conjunction with the marketing department.

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What is PR?

PR is a particularly important part of external corporate communication. PR stands for public relations.
In German usage, it incorporates outreach as well as press and media relations. PR looks after the image of the business and people and how they are perceived by the public.

You love a product, you are really sold on it, and recommend it to your friends? Then the PR department has done its job, as that is its goal: To convince you that the particular product is the best and to keep you as a loyal customer.

PR is based on well-researched information and verifiable data, not colorful campaign images and succinct claims as in advertisements. The information is passed to the media who then decides whether it is fit for publication or not.
For this reason it is not unusual to meet former editors and journalists in PR departments or agencies. Because of their background they know exactly how to research the facts properly and pass the information in an attractive way to the editors.

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PR as an important element of corporate communication

PR also plays a part in crisis management. In particular, a good PR work is required in situations where there is a scandal. The reputation of a company or person can be very severely damaged in such cases and damage limitation or communicating resolution processes to the public is the highest priority.
You would surely only reluctantly buy a product from a company with a bad reputation.

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Working in the PR industry means that you are also the voice of the company or agency. You act as the contact person for the press and foster contacts with journalists and important interest groups.

Don’t miss our next installment in this summer series on media jobs, coming out on Tuesday, August 21, 2018. It is all about the different positions of a manager in corporate communication and as a press aide.
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