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Starting salaries in film and motion design

Are you fascinated by the creative mix of design and cinematic elements?
Are you studying Film, Animation, or Design and wondering what you can expect to earn once you graduate? If so, then you are in the right place. In today’s article, we’ll look at entry-level salaries in the field of film and motion design.

Starting out in the creative sector

Depending on your specializations, you can expect to receive a high salary right from the start. As a motion designer, you could earn a starting salary of between 26,400 and 55,900 euro gross per year (stepstone.de). Of course, your salary will depend on your professional experience, your portfolio, and your individual specializations.

In film and motion design, many entry-level positions, such as a junior 3D artist, pay a monthly salary of around 2200 euro gross. However, as you gain experience, your income will increase and within five years, you can generally expect to earn between 2500 and 4000 euro per month.

Studying Film + Motion Design is one way to stand out from the crowd. A degree program gives you the opportunity to acquire a wide range of both technical and conceptual skills. You will also have the chance to put your knowledge into practice and build up an individual portfolio.

In the film and motion design sector, a master’s can also give you a professional advantage. (Note: The MA is only partially based on the BA. In the field of FMD, a bachelor’s degree is often sufficient and a master’s does not automatically lead to a higher salary). A master’s in Media Spaces will give you more creative scope and additional specialist knowledge, which could help you to negotiate a higher starting salary.

Success as a freelancer

Are you up to the challenge of being your own boss? As a freelancer in the creative sector, you could earn between 2500 and 7000 euro gross per month. Your income will depend on the number of jobs you take on and may vary from month to month.

The daily rates in this industry vary according to the specific field. Fees for VFX/3D, concept artists, and animators range from 300 to 350 euro per day. However, if you are commissioned for several weeks, the daily rate may go as low as 250 euro due to the length of the project.

Your experience and your equipment are key; if you work on your own computer and use high quality programs for editing, you will have a lot of scope to increase your daily rate accordingly.
Experienced artists can charge up to 450 or 500 euro per day. The highest rates are paid in the advertising industry, where you can expect to earn between 400 and 1000 euro per day.

An internship open doors

There are plenty of professions to choose from in the field of film and motion design. However, creative industries are highly competitive, so your individual skills, knowledge, and portfolio are particularly important.
Many graduates start out as interns at agencies or film production companies, which can often lead to a permanent position. While an internship may not seem appealing at first glance, it could turn out to be the gateway to your career.


As a Film + Motion Design graduate, you’ll have many career options in creative industries. Your earnings as a freelancer could be substantial, depending to your expertise and the number of commissions you get.
If you are more interested in a permanent position, an internship after you graduate could be a great way to prove yourself and secure a job. It is important to remember that know-how and an extensive portfolio are key to your success.

If you’ve already graduated and you’re looking for a job, you can find out about a range of employment opportunities on our JobTeaser careers site or at the campus Career Center.

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Many thanks to our professors and lecturers Benjamin Dickmann, Prof. Verena Kraemer, and Michael Skoz for providing a wealth of information on specific earnings in the field of film and motion design.


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