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Starting salaries in the finance sector

If figures, formulas, and calculations are what make you tick, you may be aiming for a career in the finance sector.
In today’s article, we’ll look at entry level salaries for finance professionals.

Thriving tax sector

As a qualified tax consultant or auditor, you can expect to earn a starting salary that is above average for this sector. Recent graduates can already earn between 36,000 and 45,000 euro gross per year (staufenbiel.de).

Before you can be approved to take your qualifying exams to become a tax consultant, you either need to have completed a relevant degree program or to have an appropriate vocational qualification, for example as an assistant tax consultant.
The monthly starting salary for qualified assistant tax consultants is around 2000 euro gross (mystipendium.de). However, if you have a degree, you can expect to earn more right from the start; entry level salaries for fresh graduates range from between 2800 and 3700 euro gross (beruf-steuerberater.de), so a university degree gives you a head start in comparison to vocational training.

If you are interested in combining vocational training and academic studies, our dual bachelor program in Business & Taxes gives you the opportunity to gain two qualifications in record time.
Studying Business at the University of Applied Sciences Europe means you’ll be working in one of our partner companies while obtaining your Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) qualification as an Assistant Tax Consultant. You can find out all you need to know about the dual study program here.

Starting out in a company

It is not only tax consultancies that need talented financial experts: almost every business, whether large or small, requires qualified finance professionals.
Controlling is a particularly popular job in this field. As a junior controller, you’ll be paid according to your previous knowledge and professional experience. The deeper your knowledge of tax programs and accounting, the higher your earnings will be.
In this profession, you could earn a starting salary of as much as 43,000 euro gross per year (absolventa.de).

Junior consultant positions in financial consulting or financial services also offer great entry-level salaries, starting from around 3800 euro gross per month (Gehalt.de). Potential earnings for financial consultants and financial controllers are also substantial; even at entry level, the average salary is 65,500 euro gross per year (glassdoor.de).

Invest in your career with a master’s degree

Are you unsure whether a masters in Finance & Management is the right choice for you? As a newbie in controlling, a master’s degree will mean you can earn an additional 5000 euro gross per year (alphajump.de).
On a master’s program, you’ll be able to gain additional hands-on experience and improve your chances of entering the industry on a higher salary.

Perhaps you are considering going freelance later in your career or you’re interested in working as a financial consultant, or even setting up your own consultancy. A master’s in Finance & Management offers you many advantages and lays important foundations for your future career. With a master’s qualification, you’ll stand out from the crowd.


In the finance sector in particular, you’ll have excellent opportunities to start your career on a high salary. For some professions, you’ll need relevant qualifications, such as a degree in finance, as well as practical knowledge. So it’s worth investing in building up your experience to get your career off to a good start.

If you’re about to graduate and are already looking for a suitable job, you can find out about a range of employment opportunities on our JobTeaser careers site or at the campus Career Center.

Your design career: next steps

Have you successfully completed your bachelor’s degree in the field of design? If you would now like to specialize, a master’s in Media Spaces will enhance your career options in the creative industries. Don’t miss our next article in the ‘Starting salaries’ series on Friday, July 5, 2019.
We’ll look at potential earnings for graduates with a design master’s.

There is a growing demand in the design sector for experts with a sound knowledge of innovation and experience design. Our two new master’s programs in Innovation Design Management  and Visual & Experience Design  will enable you to gain just this expertise.
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