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Starting salaries in business management and business psychology

If you are fascinated by the world of business and have opted for a degree program in this field, you’d probably like to know what you can expect to earn when you graduate.
In today’s article, we’ll look at starting salaries in the fields of business management and business psychology.

A bachelor’s degree in business and management studies opens up a wide choice of career opportunities ranging from management and marketing to accounting or starting your own business. There are many doors open to you, depending on your preferences and the specializations you choose during your studies. We’ll introduce you to a selection of career options and the corresponding entry-level salaries, but there are many other jobs that might appeal to you.

Starting your career as a Business and Management Studies graduate

Do you have a talent for planning and organization? As a junior manager, you will often assist management and will be given considerable responsibility right from the start. Your starting salary will reflect this: you can expect to earn at least 3300 euro gross per month (salary.de).
Or perhaps you are more interested in project design; as a Business and Management Studies graduate, you may also be suitable for a role as a junior project manager. Entry-level salaries in this field range from 36,000-42,000 euro gross per year (alphajump.de).

Both these fields offer excellent prospects for promotion. Your know-how will also be in great demand in the start-up and consulting sectors. In some sectors, such as management consulting or finance, you could earn as much as 4000 euro gross per month as a junior consultant (Gehalt.de).
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A career in human resources

If you’re interested in the human psyche, you’re good at relating to others, and are a strong communicator, then you might be suited to a career in human resources.
As a junior recruiter, you can expect a high starting salary; depending on the sector, you could earn between 36,000 and 48,000 euro gross per year (alphajump.de). If you’re considering a career as a recruiter, it is definitely worth completing a master’s degree.
This will enable you to gain additional experience and focus your studies, for instance, on human resources management. For master’s graduates, entry-level salaries start from around 3400 euro gross per month (absolventa.de).

Are you still looking for the ideal master’s degree in the field of human resources? You can find full details of the Business Psychology master’s program at the University of Applied Sciences Europe here .

Perhaps you are more interested in internal company and staff training. Human resources developers or development consultants organize and manage internal training events and coordinate staff development programs. This career also offers excellent salaries starting from around 3600 euro gross per month (Gehalt.de). As a human resources developer, you will earn an average of around 53,000 euro gross per year (stepstone.de).

A career in business administration or business psychology will open up great job opportunities for you. Many professions offer a substantial starting salary and attractive opportunities to climb the career ladder. With a master’s degree under your belt, you can be sure of a higher starting salary and you’ll also have gained valuable expertise to help you advance your career.

Starting salaries in photography, film, and motion design

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