Spending a Semester Abroad

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, travelling and studying in different countries is becoming more accessible and popular. Not only can a study abroad programme help you in your later career but it will also help you to grow as a person. You can use the time you spend in another country to improve your foreign language skills, get to know new people and cultures and collect memories that will accompany you for a lifetime. 

Are you perhaps considering whether a semester abroad would be something you’d like to do? Here is a brief overview of all the things you need to know about studying in another country.

Career opportunities

Employers welcome individuals who have already studied or worked abroad for a while. Living abroad not only evidences your understanding of working internationally but also shows personal development. You will have learned how to adapt to a different environment and will most likely be comfortable speaking in a foreign language. Nowadays, being able to speak English fluently is taken for granted in almost every company. Additional foreign language skills are therefore an added bonus. In large companies, you may have to work internationally and communicate with customers and colleagues from all over the world. Therefore, the experience you gain during a semester abroad will help you.

Personal development

During your semester abroad you will get to know yourself better. You will be on your own a lot, you will have to communicate in a foreign language and you will have to adapt to new routines. This will help you to grow as a person and to see your life from a new perspective. It will help you to gain distance from your everyday life in order to better judge the direction you want your life to go in. 

Your possibilities 

The possibilities are limitless. Would you like to go to the USA, New Zealand or sunny Spain? The choice is yours! The University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) cooperates with universities all over the world and will support you in making your dream of spending a semester abroad come true. Be inspired by taking a look at where UE already has partner universities:




What should you be looking out for? 

A semester abroad naturally requires some planning. It is important to think about where you want to go early on. In addition, you should also inform yourself about topics such as how to finance your stay abroad. Applying for a visa and choosing a partner university can take a while. Therefore, if you decide to go abroad, it is best to start thinking and planning early. 

The financing

A semester abroad is often associated with costs. To finance a semester abroad you can choose from a number of funding options. If you have any questions, the International Office at UE will be happy to help you. Here is an overview of the different financing possibilities: 

Erasmus+ – Want to study in a European country? Then you can apply for the ERASMUS+ mobility scholarship and receive a grant of up to €300 per month. You will also be spared the tuition fees.

Promos – The Federal Ministry of Education and Economics provides UE with a contingent that supports students. Please contact our International Office in Berlin for more information. 

DAAD – The DAAD supports students with travel grants, short-term and partial scholarships. To apply for this scholarship, you must at least be in your second semester of your studies. However if you are studying an artistic course, you must wait until the third semester. 

Go EAST – If you’re considering studying in Eastern Europe, then Go EAST is the right option for you.

Auslands-BAföG – The AuslandsBAföG is also available to you if you are not receiving regular BAföG. You can only apply for this after the second semester and should apply six months before the planned semester abroad. 

Study support for a semester abroad – The minimum period of support is about four months. You will receive up to €1,000 per month plus an additional one-off payment (flight costs, tuition fees) of a maximum total of €25,000. The repayment will only begin after the start of your professional life. 

Why now?

University life allows for significantly more flexibility when compared with working life making it the perfect time to travel – take advantage of the opportunity!