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Your high school graduation is approaching: how to find out about the right course for you

Finding the perfect study program is not always easy.
If you’re planning to continue your studies once you’ve graduated from high school, you’re probably interested in where to find out about the best options for you. In today’s article, you’ll find helpful hints on where to get information for your future studies.    

Study portals provide an overview

Perhaps you have a rough idea of what you’d like to study but you are not sure which specific course is right for you. Maybe you can’t decide between two degree programs, or you are wondering whether to apply to a state or private university.

Online study portals, such as HOCHSCHULKOMPASS.de and studieren.de list a multitude of universities, private higher education institutions, and study programs.
These sites can help you gain an overview of all the options available. The filter function allows you to define your search criteria and sort the results according to subject, location, or focus.
Each university and higher education institution has its own curriculum for the courses offered, so study programs with the same names may differ in content. The comparison portals allow you to check which curriculum best fits your interests and preferences.

If you’re still completely undecided about which professional direction you’d like to take, why not read “Your last year in high school: Why is now the time to think about your college choices?“. Our blog article provides helpful tips on how to find the right course for you.

Ask the university

If you already have a particular university or institution in mind, it’s a good idea to contact student services directly to find out about admission requirements and tuition fees.
While university websites provide a wealth of important information, they can be overwhelming. State university websites are sometimes chaotic and hard to find your way around.
So why not pick up the phone and contact student services directly? A phone call could lead to quicker and more accurate answers to your questions than hours spent searching the website.

Many universities also provide information brochures which can be downloaded free of charge. In just a few clicks, you’ll have all the information you need about the study program of your choice.
You can find more information about your ideal study program at the University of Applied Sciences Europe here.

Make your own impression

The best way to get acquainted with your future university is by attending an information event, open day, or other campus event, such as a taster session.
This gives you the chance to explore the campus and get an idea of what the university has to offer. It is also a good opportunity to meet potential professors and lecturers and ask them about the courses and atmosphere on campus.

Why not speak to some current students? They’ll be able to give you the best idea of what student life at your chosen university is really like. Don’t miss the chance to find out more about the application process. The student service team will surely be available and happy to answer your questions.

Are you interested in studying at the University of Applied Sciences Europe? Find out more about our upcoming Business events or Art & Design events . Why not join one of our trial study sessions at the Hamburg campus at the end of April?

There are plenty ways to find out more about your chosen study program and university. You can use the many online portals to gather information about courses and institutions.
If you already know where you want to apply, you can visit the university website or give student services a call. You can also take advantage of free university events and see for yourself what the campus is like.

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