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Your high school graduation is approaching: how to prepare your parents for your plans to leave home – Part 2

In our last article, we gave you some tips on how to gently let your parents know about your plans to leave home.
Here is some more advice on how to win your parents over to your plans.

Show them you are independent

Living alone means standing on your own two feet; you will have to deal with new challenges such as planning your move and your future finances.
Show your parents that you’re serious, that you have thought out your plans, and are not just plunging in at the deep end. Take on more responsibilities at home: do your own washing, cook for the family, or do the weekly shopping. Let your actions convince your parents that you have what it takes to live independently.

Start your apartment-hunting early. Compare prices of removal companies or, if you have a smaller budget, check how much it costs to hire a van. Ask your friends if they can help you with your move.
Find out how to register your new address: what documents will you need? Who will you need to inform of your address change?

Ensure that you and your parents feel secure

Your financial situation will be a major concern for your parents. Do you have enough money to live on your own?
You have to keep in mind that moving out will mean you have lots of monthly costs: bills for electricity, gas, rent, and internet won’t pay themselves. And you will have to cover your daily living costs as well.
Moving into your own place is not always cheap. Maybe you want to give the apartment a fresh coat of paint or you still need some furniture for the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure you’ve set some money aside to cover any expenses.

Do you already have a part-time job or are you still looking for one? It will be easier to convince your parents that you are financially prepared if you already have a secure and regular income to support your plans.
Are you unsure if you should apply for BAföG? For many, this is an unknown topic. In our article “BAföG – The Great Unknown” you can find out more about the topic.

When young people leave home, it’s a big step for everyone involved. Your parents only want the best for you.
They like having you around and will be a little sad when the time comes for you to move out. Inform them of your plans gently and gradually. Involve them in your search for new accommodation and show them that you are independent and financially secure.

Your high school graduation is approaching: how to gain a better understanding of your parents‘ concerns

In our next article, we’ll discuss the parents’ perspective. You’ll gain an insight into their point of view so you can get a better understanding of their concerns. So don’t miss our article on Friday, February 22, 2019!

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